Your life in a backpack, and how to manage that

Backpacks are necessary for daily use. They’re used by literally everyone one time or the other. Generally, backpacks are used in schools. But there are other places that need backpacks too. Places like camping, hiking or picnics need you to carry some things with you. The best way to carry stuff around is in backpacks. They are effortless and can be utilized in for a lot of things. Sometimes you will need a backpack just to go around the corner shop. Nevertheless, backpacks are essentials which should be used carefully. Good quality backpacks will last longer even after tough wear. It’s important to choose a good backpack that can be multipurpose or at least serves your purpose correctly.

Choosing the right backpack
Longevity of a backpack truly depends upon its quality and the usage. If the way the backpack is used is harsh, it may suffer some damages. But very good quality backpacks can adhere to some damages here and there. So to help you choose and maintain your backpack, we’ve come up with these points that you should keep in mind.
1. Make sure you’re purchasing a light material. Sometimes if the bag itself is heavy, the entire load becomes too much. Light material bags are also sturdy. Find one that is waterproof too.
2. Clean your backpack as regularly as possible. Backpacks tend to start smelling due to our lunch boxes or even juice spills. It happens to the best of us but cleaning your backpack right away is the best way to maintain it.
3. Don’t try to be cool and have your backpack slung over only one shoulder. It can be damaging to your shoulder if your bag is heavy. Use both straps properly and make sure that there are no twists that could be digging into your back.
4. Use a different bag for sports gear and those sweaty gym clothes. Do not use your school bag as a dumping ground for everything. Backpacks for your school books should be different from the one you will use for your football or swimming lessons.

Tips for easy and comfortable usage
If your school doesn’t have a locker there’s a chance that your backpack must be getting heavy. It’s not okay to carry around that much weight on your shoulders every day. So if your school permits, find a backpack with wheels which you can pull around with you.
2. Your backpack should have enough pockets for everything. If it’s just a big pouch, your stuff can get messy inside. This will not allow you to find things easily. If there are a few pockets, you may be able to organize things better and know exactly where to reach for what.
3. Find a backpack with a waist strap attached for more comfort. If your backpack feels heavy on the shoulders, having a waist strap can help distribute that weight evenly. Too much pressure on your shoulder is damaging to the body and posture. This will also make carrying around the backpack a lot easier.