Worried about your kids being bullied at school? You can recognize and prevent it

School time can be a quite stressful time for both students and parents if the issue of bullying is attached to it. Bullying at school is a typical affair, and the rate of bullying is 50% higher in schools in Australia than the average international rate.

We must identify the bullying and help our children to overcome the situation. Unlike simple teasing, the bullies target comparatively smaller, weaker students to frighten and they usually keep their target constant. There are various types of bullying – verbal abuse, extortion, physical violence, making damage of property or stealing it, exclusion from groups or activity.

How Will You Understand That Your Child is Getting Bullied?
The first important sign is that they will not want to go to school and they start showing a general dislike for school. They will lose interest in their study, and academic performance will begin to deteriorate. They gradually will lose interest in other extracurricular activities too. You may discover physical marks on their body. They might show signs of absentmindedness and become careless suddenly.

Sudden weight loss or gain can be noticed. They will feel hungry after coming to school. Other alarming signs are bedwetting, disturbed sleep, etc. If you see, any of these signs in your child, converse with them immediately. Try to explore their brain with the help of regular and comfortable talk. Believe them and do not show your tension to them. It may worsen the situation. After talking to them if you feel that the matter is not so serious, let them handle their situation themselves. Stand by their side and encourage and encourage them to face difficulties.

How Can You Help?
Your first and foremost duty in this situation is to keep them positive. Kindle confidence in them by appreciating their other good qualities. Make your child feel how much you love him or her. Give him or her full family support and make them understand how much precious they are to your family. Help them know that real friends are good, and they do not bully. Tell them to mingle with good friends and ignore the bullies.

Tell them to avoid the confrontation and solve their matter non-violently. While talking to your children, listen carefully with full attention. You shouldn’t interrupt them. Maintain your calmness and patience even after hearing what had happened actually. Make them understand that you have followed the whole thing and you are on their side. Thank them for taking your help. You remain confident and relaxed and you need to keep your children the same.

When You discover that Your Child is a Bully
If your children are bullying others, do not lose your temper. Ask them why are they are doing such hateful action. Neither there is any bravery in bullying a weaker person, nor it a game.

They need to understand that they should stay away from such actions.