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Why you need a dog as a pet

Adorable boy and girl in summer park with their dog

Nothing can be better than having a dog as a pet. A dog is a cute, faithful and lovable friend. A dog always gives you company, and you will never feel lonely if you have one such lovable dog friend. But, a dog needs regular care and exercise. Moreover, there are different types of a dog who are suitable for different types of family.

Things to Keep in Mind before Buying a Dog
Before asking for a dog from your parents think twice about whether you or your family is able to give the dog adequate care and love. To know which type of dog is suitable for your family visit www.petnet.com.au. This site will keep you informed about the different breed, their sizes, their food, the type of exercise they do, training technique, etc. The most important thing to know is the buying cost of the dog.

This includes the cost of the dog itself, the cost of food, medicine, injections, its collar and lead, etc. When you have a pet dog it is very important to visit a vet and give your pet de-worms tablet very frequently. A dog needs regular training. Find out the nearest dog training class where you can join along with your dog. Another most important thing is to find out a person who will look after your dog when you go away to spend a holiday. Do not forget to check whether your yard is escape proof because puppies are very much adventurous and have a tendency to go out.

Your Duty after Buying a Puppy
A dog needs proper training from its very childhood. So take your puppy to your nearest dog training classes. Teach your child to obey the command, to sit properly, to behave properly, to behave well with visitors and not to bark all the time.

A regular toilet and sleeping training should be given to your puppy as early as possible. Teach your puppy not to chew and destroy anything of your house. If you do not like that your dog is jumping on the furniture, then do not allow him on the furniture. Scold him if he does a bad thing and reward him when he does well. It will help him to know what is good and what is bad and which behavior you and your family do not like at all.

Your Training When You Have a Puppy As Pet:
You also need to train yourselves when you first get a puppy as a pet. Never encourage his bad behavior like begging, jumping, licking, etc. Keep patience when your dog does a misdeed. Your dog needs a good time to become properly trained. Do not give him food from your portion.

A trained dog should maintain a fixed feeding time. Give him only that food those are determined for a dog. Human food especially chocolate, ice-cream, etc. can make your dog sick. Never allow strangers to pat your dog he may react badly. When you go out never forget to use dog walking accessories like a dog collar and lead.

Always keep in mind that the most important thing that your dog needs from you is your love and care.