Why Reading To Children Is So Important

Mom reading a book to child

You are indeed doing a great job! It is good to read out three stories in a day or 5 rhymes in a day. Remember to read out happily, with great passion and as you maintain variety in your voice. Keep the sounds same, soft, ensure that the highs and lows are the same while the fasts and slows are similar too. Thus, your little ones will start learning and remembering the ‘tune’ of the reading.

Here are some tricks or tips to make reading aloud even more effective.

You need to fill the minds of little ones with beautiful words, the ones they are familiar with and ones, which they are not entirely familiar.
You need to ensure that the experience is joyful and pleasant at the same time. As children start showing sincere interest in the storybooks and you realise they love every bit of what they are hearing, you need to change your focus, so that you can concentrate on individual letters and alphabets.

So, here are some tips for developing a child’s passion for reading and make the reading process more efficient.

  • Spend 10 minutes daily as you read aloud. Be happy and cheerful when you are reading distinctly to children.
  • It is recommended to read three stories in a day. You can even read the same story three times. It is known that children learn to read when they hear at least a thousand stories.
  • Try reading aloud and with the right animation. You can hear your voice – so, ensure that you do not sound boring or dull or flat.
  • When you are reading aloud, ensure you are enjoying it. You need to read with great enjoyment and joy.
  • If you are reading out stories to your kids, you need to be sure that you are reading out something that they love. It is significant to read all stories in the same tune and to use the same intonations.
  • It is good if your children can hear a variety of languages as you speak to them always and through pictures. You can say rhymes in a motivating bouncy way, or you can be noisy in a repetitive manner.
  • You should not be teaching reading. You should not also be tense around the books.
  • You and your child can always play games with the variety of things that your child gets to see on the page. This way it is quite easy for children to remember what they are seeing.
  • You can look around for specific rhymes and rhythms or repetitions in the books that are meant for little ones. Thus, it is one good way to ensure that the books are short.