Why Unstructured and Unhurried Play Are Good For Your Children

Little scientists adding color dye into beakers

Parents are leaving no stone unturned to raise their kids in the best way possible. They guide them from a very early stage to develop their mental and physical skills optimally. But this guidance and advice should be limited to a certain extent because too much of them can hamper the natural growth of the kids.

Children need to indulge in unstructured as well as unhurried play so that their cognitive development takes place. Playing for children is not just what they wish to do and enjoy it is a need in today’s scenario.

Motivating Kids for Unstructured and Unhurried Play

Kids these days are more inclined towards electronic gadgets. They mostly spend their time with their tablets and mobiles. They hardly go for any outdoor activities apart from their school time and studies. It is affecting their health and growth negatively. It is the responsibility of parents to motivate their kids to engage in more and more play activities.
They should be allowed to play with their friends for an adequate period every day to facilitate their overall development. Kids learn new things and various skills by themselves during an uninterrupted play. It is very beneficial for them in the long run.

Physical Development

Engaging in almost 60 minutes of intense play activities every day is very beneficial in keeping kids fit and healthy. Physical activities form an integral part of growth and development in the children which is possible through various child driven games.

Learning Social Skills

When kids engage in free play with their friends, they learn to work in cooperation with each other. They decide various activities, explore many options and come up with different exciting ideas while being allowed to play with their friends. They learn the skills of listening to others and keep their points while playing without any interruption or under anyone’s guidance.

Decision Making and Problem-Solving Skills

Apart from being an enjoyable experience, the free play also develops the skills of decision making and problem-solving in the kids. When they are allowed to play independently without any guidance, instructions or support, they learn to cope with various issues on their own. They decide on their further plans while discussing with friends and also learn to work on multiple problems and end up solving them. It is a significant advantage that the kids gain while engaging in unstructured plays.

Creative and Imaginative Skill Development

The unstructured and unhurried play is a necessity for kids these days to let them freely use their imagination power and creativity level. Every child has some unique talent, and it can only be showcased when they are allowed to use their skills without any interference. They use their imagination to search out for various possibilities when they are allowed to indulge in free play.

Learning with trial and error

When kids engage in play activities that are without any rules, regulations or instructions, they get the opportunities to learn through trial and error. They try various new things out of their creativity while playing; make mistakes and after many trials and errors, get the desired results.