When you do not want to go to school

It’s okay to feel out of it sometimes. Not wanting to go to school on a particular day is normal. All of us like some days off. Whether you are really tired, feeling ill or worried about that unfinished piece of homework, it’s actually very common. If you say the words ‘I don’t want to go to school’ they usually have a reason behind it. It may just be the weather, maybe it is too hot or too rainy, but there is always some reason behind it.

The good thing is that you can take a day off with your parents’ and school’s permission on such days. Use those days to regenerate yourself and get back to the schedule quickly.

Attending school is compulsory. It’s best if you don’t spend those days as an unhappy person. School is for the purpose of education, and as long as your goals and priorities are set, you won’t have a problem. However, some genuine reasons why children cry over going to school can be scary. Here are a few of them.

Reasons children might not want to go to school
It is very much possible that they have not finished their homework. They may have not yet done the assignment, and the due date might be near. The workload for older children can get too much. So it is understandable. But missing a school day just adds to more work.
2. Your child may not have been able to make friends at school. Feeling lonely can be a very harsh feeling and a very strong reason to stay at home. Helping them out of it by giving them tips on making friends might put their minds to ease. However, if your child is really sad about it, try to arrange the play dates with other kids from the school.
3. Little children just starting out of school would understandably squeal and cry. They will want to stay with their mums no matter what. They might miss you during school hours or think that you miss them.
4. They might be getting bullied. If that is the case, it is a serious thing that should be immediately looked into. Older kids or even your child’s classmates can be pretty ruthless. It is a call for alarm if your child complains about being bullied and is afraid to go to school because of it.

How to put them to ease
Sometimes kids may be unreasonable and just want to sleep in on a school day. But sometimes there are genuine reasons and causes for concern when your child says they don’t want to go to school. You can listen to them and make them talk about what the reason could be. If it’s something that can be sorted out by your help or advice immediately do so.

Sometimes kids need a day off. The workload may be getting to your child and helping them out with their homework can go a long way. If the child is very adamant and refuses to tell you why just give them a day off and keep asking them throughout the day about what went wrong.

When children say these things, it’s best to sit back and think how to patiently handle this instead of just asking them to get ready. Just hearing them out can help a lot. If they can vent out their fears to you knowing you won’t get angry, they might be relieved and ready to give the school another shot.