When Can I Start Giving Chores To My Children

girl wiping a table with cleaning cloth

The love of parents towards their children is unconditional. They try their best to get everything which makes their child happy. They take care of even the smallest wish of their kids and always desire to see them smiling.

But sometimes due to all the love and affection, parents themselves spoil the habits of children. They do not let them face any problem or suffering, and this makes them lazy and dull. It is the responsibility of parents to guide their children towards the right way from a very young age.
It is crucial to introduce children to certain household chores from the very beginning, appropriate for their age.  It will make them responsible and progressive which will, in turn, help them enormously in the long run.

Importance of giving chores to the kids

When the kids are made to indulge in some necessary household chores, they feel more confident and responsible. The maturity level of children grows, and it also helps them to excel in other fields of life.  Unlike behaving as the immature kids who are literally doing nothing and just creating a mess inside and outside the house, they are different and quite smart according to their age.

The mental and physical level of these kids also rises highly when they are engaged in some productive work. Apart from being a helping hand to their parents from a very early age, they also become unique and accountable.

Parents may start giving chores to their kids from a very young age of 2 years. They may begin by assisting the child towards some necessary small tasks which may be of his interest. Gradually the child understands the responsibilities very maturely as the age increases.
Below mentioned are some of the examples of types of chores parents can provide their children with.

Age Appropriate Chores for Children

Chores for toddlers aged 2-3 years

  • They can be asked to put their books and toys back to the place after use under the guidance
  • They can be asked to put their dirty clothes in the laundry basket
  • They can also organise their toys into shelves and boxes
  • They can also help their parents in cleaning up the mess they created under their assistance
  • Wiping and cleaning up the spills

Chores for kids aged 4-5 years

  • Making their bed and set up the study table
  • Dressing up themselves
  • Helping parents in cleaning up the house
  • Using TV, electronic gadgets and other gaming consoles
  • Keeping their uniforms, shoes and socks, bags and lunch boxes in place after coming back from school
  • Putting dirty utensils in the sink after having lunch or dinner
  • Keeping their rooms organised under the supervision of parents

Chores for children aged 6-7 years

  • Cleaning the house without assistance
  • Helping parents in the kitchen under their support
  • Taking care of the pets by feeding them properly
  • Watering the plants and taking care of the garden
  • Assisting parents while shopping for groceries
  • Arranging the table and cleaning it after lunch or dinner

Parents should start assigning chores to their children from a young age to make them more responsible, mature and preparing them for their bright future. It will be a very active step towards the development of the understanding level of a child and make him smarter and unique.