What kids should know about cheating

All kids know about cheating. Whether they know someone who has cheated, someone thinking about cheating or they have cheated sometimes. Cheating is done to let people think you know or can do something better. So what does it mean? To better understanding as to why kids cheat, below are some of the questions kids were asked:

What is Cheating at Sport and Games?
Telling lies to get an advantage
– Deliberately losing or altering results.
– Taking a ‘dive’ and making people believe that you were fouled
– Hurting someone deliberately and pretending it was an accident
– Not playing fairly

Why Cheat?
To win
– To keep up with others
– To get more of something
– To look better than others

The main reason that people believed make kids cheats is to keep up with their friends or to make the team. Kids do cheat because they do not feel good about themselves and about what they are capable of doing. They also cheat because they want their parents to believe that they are becoming what they want them to be.

Cheating in Games
Many people, no matter their age, sometimes feel tempted to cheat in games. The more reason for doing this is to win by all means. However, winning games with cheating are not really winning.

People who cheat know their means of winning which may or may not be clear to their opponent. Cheating can ruin the reputation of one team, and other people will not want to play with them again. Although it may be hard to believe, cheating does not take you anywhere. What is the essence of playing if all you do is to the chest? It is not fair to cheat while others are playing by the rules.

Cheating in Sport
All sports have rules to make all teams play fair. There are always penalties if the rules are broken. A player may get away when he broke the rules, but if caught, the person in charge of the game (umpire or referee) decides on a penalty. It will be awful to catch a start player for cheating – with millions of people watching around the world. People will focus on the cheat and forget all the great things the player has done before. People will just tag the player “a cheat”.

What Do I Do If I Have Been Cheating in Sport?
If you have been cheating in sport, you cannot do well in the sport. You can ask your mum or dad to help coach you. They will let you know what you are good at – you might be surprised at this. Most people get what they want nowadays by cheating.

These people believed that cheating is the only way to be successful, little will they know that there are consequences of cheating which will show later in their lives. They think that winning is everything.

Above all, being a star does not mean that you are a great athlete, it also means that you stay away from gambling, drugs and choose your friends very carefully. No matter how successful a player is, if cheating is involved, people will never like them.