What Is The ‘Right Thing’?

More often than ever, we cross paths with a statement that begins with “He did the right thing…” Or maybe something like “She shouldn’t have done it, that wasn’t the right thing to do…”

As social beings, we all are unique in our own special way. This enables us to decide what is right and what is wrong. What should be done and what shouldn’t be done by us. It makes us responsible for our own doings and sometimes needs no justification.

What is right and what is wrong is subjective in nature. It serves true at all levels – right from doing the right things at home to a home, to a larger school and community level.

As an individual:
Based on the priorities of every individual, some common ‘right things’ to do are:
– Keep yourself safe from all potential dangers
– Perform to the best of your ability in all situations
– Take every opportunity to learn all that you can
– Be a reliable person
– Be honest with yourself and with others
– Maintain a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly and eating properly

As a member of a family living at home
Living in a family means living and interacting with others on a daily basis. While all your priorities cannot be put first all the time while living with others, it is necessary for all group members to do the right thing to live in harmony.

As a member of a family living at home, the ‘right things’ to do are;
– Take up the responsibility of doing some of the household chores
– Take the permission of everyone before entertaining your guests
– Understand the concept of personal space
– Be honest and transparent
– Respect your siblings
– Ask if you borrow something that doesn’t belong to you if you need to use it
– Keep your space clean and neat
– Communicate

As a student in school
The school is a larger social group and sometimes can be a challenge for some students. To make school a pleasant experience, you must do the ’right things’ while keeping the more important thing in mind.
– Help everyone progress
– Be punctual
– Avoid indulging in gossip
– Be organised to avoid any confusion especially during hectic schedules
– Be well mannered
– Seek help if you need to
– Don’t let anyone bully you and you don’t partake in bullying others
– Put in all your efforts in performing well in group projects
– Be a part of a motivated group of friends

As a part of the bigger community
As a part of the larger community, everyone holds equal rights and doing the ‘right thing’ is essential.
– Behave yourself and don’t act like you’re the only one there
– Put your best manners to show and follow a decorum
– Inform and be informed
– Use appropriate language and talking style

These were just a few of the ‘right things’ to do. Just imagine how great the world would be if everyone did the ‘right thing’ at every level. And if they didn’t, admitted it truthfully too!