Ways to have a haircut for your child

Most kids have a sensitive body, and they react to any slight thing going through their body.
“Mum! Stop Please! You are hurting me!! STOP!!”

Some kids scream like this when they are having their hair cut; do not be afraid, you are not the only parent with kids that have sensitive skins! You may not notice that haircuts and grooming can trigger anxiety and resistance once you are an adult. However, what can you do to a child who hates haircut? Pampering? Well, you have to do that. We all love to be pampered but not kids!

They are used to the same statement every time they want to have their haircut. Saying, “You are fine. It does not hurt” does not work anymore. You will still have to say statements like that because every child needs compassion and understanding. However, the whole process can be tiring!

Even if your child will have to hold this for a while, the plethora of new noises and smells in salons can be disturbing. Children are susceptible to any slight change in the environment; the smells will be offensive and can trigger a headache or nausea. In addition to this, noises from the buzzing of razors, snipping of scissors and the loud hair dryers can cause a headache. You may not feel this, but it could mean shear agony for your child.

Here are some ideas to help you on your way:

Try haircuts at home – Cut the hair of your kid at home. You may have to take a haircutting class to be able to do this to some extent. You may even use them to practice because they do not know the difference between a good and bad cut at this age. You will know how to handle your kid yourself.

Visit the salon – You may have to look for a quiet salon; get used to the sound and smells and get a smart stylist to cut the hair of your child. You may have to book an appointment when there are no more people there. To get started, let the stylist comb your kid’s hair or give your kid a partial trim.

Add music – Play music on your phone or iPod and give the headphones to your child to block the noise and deliver some soothing music. It will help take the edge off their anxiety. You can use earbuds as an alternative if you need to cancel the noise at all cost.

Try mirrors – Try and place a mirror right in the front of your child and let them look at themselves in the mirror. It may help reduce anxiety.

Try breathing and relaxation techniques – You may have to teach your kids to take deep breaths. It is because their system is not calm and doing this can work wonders. You can think of another way to calm your child down quickly with no stress.

Find some calming smells – Look for a nice-smelling vanilla cream and place on your kid’s hands after they get their nails trimmed. It will provide a calming scent all through the haircut process.