Ways to enhance students’ engagement in the classroom

Are you a teacher seeking an answer for the most common struggle? Well, it is irritating when the class isn’t attentive while you take the lecture. Every teacher wants learners to be engaged entirely because only the involved students tend to learn efficiently and remember successfully. Students’ engagement in the classroom is a major payoff for an effective lecture. Listed below are a few suggestions on how to increase the period of students’ engagement in the classroom. Here you go.

Add movement for better focus 

Move around the classroom rather than just standing on your dais. It is important to move while asking questions or sitting while they discuss, etc.

Brisk up your pace

We have the misconception that the class must be taken slowly for better understanding. Instead, the study shows that the brisk instructional pace gets the students to have more chance of engagement.

Use the 15:3 method  

Where after every 15 minutes of your lecture, give them 3 minutes of discussion on the topic. It can be through merely letting the students process the topic. While processing, they might come with questions or can discuss the matter with a fellow student.

Pause with mid-sentence

When taking a lecture, it is important to let your sentence a pause for the students to complete. In that way, they tend to develop engagement in the topic that is being discussed.

Allow students a thinking time

While you ask a question, give the students with few seconds for them to think. By doing that, you can make them recollect the topic easily later.

Provide with useful feedback

Students coming up with questions is a sign of them being engaged. It is a must for you to give an efficient answer. If not, you can provide feedback.

Always end by summarising 

At the end of the lecture, it is important to have them summarised. You can finish it by discussing the important points of the topic. When it is summarised, there is more possibility of them recollecting the issues better sometime later.

Being a parent or teacher, you might find difficulty in handling a kid who is distracted easily when it comes to studies. It is important to know that when teaching, it is not necessary to go with the instructions as a lecture.

You can have a background study on the topic and simply start a relevant conversation. In this case, the student is not aware that you are jumping into the topic related to his studies. So, automatically, he tends to have a conversation on the topic and in that way it will make your work easier.

We must frequently observe the degree of student’s engagement in the classroom. In that way, we can consciously work on how to increase the engagement of students. Thus, having a proper evaluation of your teaching will help your students with good grades. Though, it will be a major payoff for yourself as well.