Top sports for girls in Australia

Female children are not always in sports; this supposed not be so because there are a lot of benefits attached to doing sports. Getting your daughter involved in sports will offer more benefits than it will provide boys with and they will carry the benefits into adulthood. Below are some of the benefits:
– More confidence
– Better leadership skills
– More discipline and respect
– Stronger bones and muscles
– Improved coordination and balance
– Better communication and social skills
– Great fitness and cardiovascular health
– Greater mental health and stronger self-image
– More friends from many different backgrounds
– Better grades at school and often better behaviour
– Reduced health diseases including obesity and other psychological and physical health problems that can result due to increased weight

There are other benefits. Apart from these benefits, female children now have equal opportunity with boys in all sports with the huge success. It has been seen in the inaugural year of the Australian Football League Women’s (AFLW). Men are seen to dominate sports like soccer, cricket, and basketball. Male children are now getting jealous of women participating in sports. It is due to the sponsorship deals and TV coverage that makes the women sports more interesting and exciting.

Below are some favourite sports for girls and ideas for getting your daughter involved in sports:

In Australia, netball is one of the most popular sports for young girls. Nowadays, women are playing netballs with the men. There is the higher participation of girls in netball than ever before. It shows up to 37% of girls aged 6-13 are playing netball. The Diamonds, Australian women’s team is currently at the top of the world rankings with numerous Commonwealth Games and World Cup Gold Medals over the years.

Since 1905, Australia has been having a successful relationship with the game of tennis, and they have had great players. These players include female players. Evonne Goolagong Cawley (the first Aboriginal to win a Grand Slam) and Margaret Court are two of Australia’s most victorious female tennis players. Both of them have shared 31 Grand Slam titles between them.

Girls have always been involved in swimming over the years in Australia. Swimming in Australia is the best because of their hot summer’s days. Getting your daughter involved in swimming at an early age is better to help annul the dangers of water. They should continue this sport into their primary and high school years.

Being a popular sport amongst young girls, basketball is fast-paced and requires ball handling skills, great agility, and hand-eye coordination. The Opals is the female Australian team, which has been successful over the years. There is a greater opportunity for girls playing basketball in Australia to reach their full potential.

There are many other sports for female children. Some of these sports include hockey, soccer, and cricket. Teach your girls some sports rules while they are young and they will be among the nation’s and world’s best.