Top 5 sports for boys in Australia

When it comes to sports, Australia is one of the best nations! We love our sports either by playing or watching. We have many young boys that play sports during their adolescence. There are several sports for boys in Australia. Below are some of the most popular sports:

Cricket is one of the most common sports that Australia loves. Australia has been a dominant force on the international stage ever since its arrival. It has always been included a part of the primary school sports curriculum. Cricket comes in many forms these days including one-dayers, tests, and twenty-twenty. To get kids involved in this, there are strong local junior competitions whereby over 600,000 kids take part each year with a higher percentage of young boys.

Rugby Union
The Rugby Union is another common sport amongst young boys. Although Rugby Union is not as popular as Australian football, it is a very strong grassroots competition. This competition is usually done among private boys’ schools. When the Wallabies (Australia’s national team) played against the All-Blacks, it turns every Australian to a die-hard Rugby Union fan.

Back in the days, hockey was never popular. Its popularity came when Australia’s Hockeyroos succeeded in Olympics. This is the reason why most young boys in Australia are now in love with this sport. Hockey is mostly played in schools, and it has many local youth competitors. This sport requires excellent fitness and hand-eye coordination for both fitness and fun.

Karate (Martial Art)
Karate (also known as the primary type of Martial Arts) is now one of the favourite sports for boys of all ages. Karate teaches discipline, skill, and self-defence. When boys are training in karate, they will enjoy different benefits that will help them throughout all aspects of life. There are other types of martial arts, but karate remains the number one martial art in Australia for young boys.

Swimming is the most popular sport in Australia with almost half (up to 48.8%) of all children aged 6-13 partaking in some form of formal swimming. Australia is famous for its coastline and parents can teach the basics of swimming to their kids when they are very young. This makes kids understand the fun and safety parts of water, and this continue all through their primary school years. Australia is always topping the swimming sports at the Olympics and international competitions.

Soccer became popular in Australia after the international success of the Socceroos over the last decade. It is now one of the team sport played by boys in Australia. Soccer (also known as football in most countries) is a world game, and it is becoming popular among different cultures in Australia.

Over one million people play basketball in Australia with over 30% of young boys taking part in the formal competition. This growth was improved by the success of the Australian players in America’s NBA (the National Basketball League). Some of the Australian basketball pioneers include Chris Anstey, Andrew Gaze, Luc Longley, and Lauren Jackson. These players and much more help place Australia in the world basketball map. After those people, Patty Mills, Ben Simmons, Andrew Bogut, and Andrew Dellavedova continue raising the flag of Australia in the world of basketball in recent years.