Top fun car games to play with kids on a road trip

Road trips are fun, but sometimes the gadgets, movies and music are not enough entertainment. Ever thought of going old school and playing some games to while away some time?

Take a trip down your childhood, and play these fun car games:

1. Car Bingo: Just like bingo cards, make cards with different colours or modes of road transport on them. Every time you pass a car of a colour or a particular vehicle, strike that colour of your card if you have it. The one who strikes of all the colours first and screams “BINGO!” wins the game.

2. Spotto: One member can either spot something, and everyone else needs to look for it. The first person to spot it, yells “SPOTTO!” Keep track, and the person with the most Spottos wins the game.

3. I-spy: This classic game is fun and simple. One member spots something like a roundabout and says “I-spy with my little eye, a thing that begins with R.” Everyone else guesses and the one who is correct wins the round.

4. Car cricket: Each player gets to bat and to depend on the type of vehicle and colour of the car on the opposite side of the road, scores runs. Make a template like this for yourselves:
Large trucks – 4 runs
Medium trucks – 6 runs
4×4, vans -2 runs
Cars- 1 run
White cars – out
The player with the most runs wins.

5. The Mintie wrapper game: Give your kids a Mintie and ask them to unwrap it as carefully as possible. The one with the longest piece of wrapper wins.

6. The alphabet game: A bunch of alphabet games are available. Play one where you have to name as many girls or boys or countries or food items with a single letter and do this with every letter.

7. The number plate game: Using the letters of number plates make up a phrase and have a good laugh!

8. Punchy buggy and pinch mini: Every time you spot a Volkswagen Beetle, you shout “Punch Buggy”, and with that, you punch the person sitting next to you. Similarly, if you spot a small car, you say “Pinch Mini” and pinch the person next to you.

9. Corners: This game is a little unsafe, but super fun too. Each time the car turns a corner, the person on that side of the vehicle needs to be squashed by the others.