Tips to ensure your child’s walk to school is safe and secure

Who doesn’t love walking to school? When we look back at our school days, the walk to school forms a particular part of our memories. The walks can be enjoyed with friends. Also, one can observe a lot of things when they are walking around.

Why must children walk to school?
When it comes to children, they are keen observers and are always ready for outdoor activity. Walking to school every day might do well for them as it keeps them fit and healthy. They also learn to observe their surroundings keenly and appreciate the beauty of nature. Walking to school also makes them independent. But, one might wonder, when is the perfect time to let your child walk to school.

When is the right time to let your child walk to school?
A child is often let to walk alone to school or with their friends after they attain an age of ten. However, this is an approximate age at which the children develop the maturity to walk to school. Remember that, your child can be under ten and still have the maturity to walk to school.

Questions you might have
Before letting a child walk to school, a parent must ask themselves the following questions:
1. Does the child know about the manners on the road?
2. Can the child cross a street without an adult’s help?
3. Does the child have a friend with whom he/she can walk to school?
4. Does the child have good road sense?
If the answer to all of this is yes, a child can be allowed to walk to school. However, sometimes, parents won’t be reassured of the child’s safety. So, in that case, they can walk with them for an initial period of one week and monitor whether their child knows the laws of the road or not.

Additional tips to make your child’s walk a safe one and a pleasant one
There should be no compromise on the child’s safety. Parents must ensure that the area is safe and sound for their child to walk to school.
1. Companions are a must when it comes to children walking to school. Though it may be fun to walk alone, a companion can make your child face issues better. This can also forge new friendships.
2. A child must know about the traffic rules. It would help them better if they knew when and where to stop and resume their journey.
3. Take care of the distance between your home and the child’s school. The distance must not be too short or too long. Too long a distance can make the child rather tired and exhausted, and they will not find any strength to do any activities afterwards.
4. Make sure that you teach your child all the safety measures and equip them with necessary tools. For instance, if it’s chilly weather, you can pack your child’s sweater in their bag so that they use it when returning home. If it’s raining, then the child can be given an umbrella or their mac to prevent them from getting ill.

These tips are sure to make your child’s walk to school a safe one. Let them experience and observe, get creative and make memories on their walks to school every day.