Tips to build up numeracy skills in your kids

Everything around us involves numbers. You should be particularly good at handling numbers to be efficient in the field of your interest. With good numeracy skills, you will be able to excel in your area. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you do not take numeracy skills for granted. You need to work to develop numeracy skills in your children from the very beginning.

Here is a list of 7 activities that every parent can undertake to enhance the numeracy skills of their children. With these simple activities, you can ensure that your kids become familiar with the basics of numbers:

Ways to develop the numeracy skills of your kids

1. Enhance their observation skills:
Make your kids look around and let them count the cars, poles, animals that come in the way. It will develop their concept of numbers, and their thinking and analysing capacities too.

2. Connect with nature:
Go for a walk with your kids in the realm of nature and educate them about the fundamentals of numeracy. Talk about numbers. Make your kids count things they can see and let them compare the weights of similar elements present around them. With such tactics, they will soon become familiar with the basics of numeracy and learn it well too.

3. Create your masterpiece jewellery:
Jewellery can be made using various objects including flowers, beads, leaves, pasta, clay, etc. With the use of such necessary objects, you can introduce the concept of patterns and sequence to your children. Patterns are a fundamental part of acquiring great numeracy skills. Your children will be able to analyse and design their sequences and patterns and play with various colours and objects too.

4. Learn alongside daily routine chores:
If you associate every living aspect with concepts involving numbers, soon your children will do so too. They will be highly motivated to connect numbers with their life. Even while bathing, talk about basic concepts of mathematics such as volume, capacity, fractions, etc.

5. Go shopping:
Take your kids shopping in a supermarket. Let them learn mathematical concepts involving sizes, shapes, volumes, capacities, prices, etc. Make them compare sizes and prices of products to develop a sense of understanding for basic numerical concepts.

6. Learning while cooking:
Let your kids understand how fun cooking is. Discuss the related numeracy skills involved in cooking. Talk about weights, numbers, sizes, volumes, and other similar concepts to familiarise them with the basic concepts of mathematics. You can let them measure the number of ingredients used in the recipes and the measurement terms and instruments that can be used.

7. Fun with board games:
There are various board games such as ludo, snakes and ladders, UNO, etc. These let your kids develop basic concepts related to numbers. With the use of such exciting board games, your kids will be able to analyse and recognise numbers and count in a better way. Hence, this would increase their hold on numbers.

Help your child develop this essential skill of numeracy with these interesting ways. Develop an interest in learning and acquiring more in their mind and get them started today!