Tips for the newbies of high school

Starting at a new place and new environment is always tough. The uncertainty of things is what we fear the most. As children, this kind of fear is neither prominent nor do they feel hesitant in meeting new people or making friends. However, as we grow older, the prospects of new things always worry and stress us out. Even adults feel anxiety over starting a new job.

So starting high school is not any different and feeling nervous about it is totally normal. If you’re the kind of kid, who’s been in the same school all your life, going to high school can be an even daunting aspect. You might have ahead of the same set of friends growing up and in school.

But in high school, there are more people and new faces that you’ve not yet seen. However getting nervous over it may be quite normal but we’ll help you in not stressing over it. A few butterflies are okay, but a full-on anxious approach isn’t. And anyway, high school isn’t as scary as you may think. After all, it’s the place that will become your home until you graduate high school.

What to Expect?
1. More workload
You may think that you’re stressed about making new friends, but you’ll be even more stressed over the workload. So it’s best to prioritise and realise what is worth worrying over. Your school work will definitely increase going into high school, and that’s the reason you should be anxious about.

2. More extracurricular
The high school has more extracurricular activities than middle school. You’ll find yourself confused over the theatre and music club or the various sports high school has to offer. But this is the time to grab these opportunities and dedicate your time to learning things outside the classroom.
3. You will meet older kids
You will come face to face with kids much older and experienced than you on a daily basis. Most of the juniors and seniors leave you alone. It’s nothing to be worried about. There may be issues like being called for parties, introduction to alcohol or other illicit substances. But avoid hanging out with the older kids in your freshmen year. It’s the time to know yourself instead of losing yourself in a crowd.

Things To Keep In Mind That Will Ease Your Anxiety
Most of the kids starting high school are just like you. Nervous, worried and new to their surroundings! In an environment like this, everybody would want to make friends. Grab onto that opportunity and don’t be afraid of meeting new people. Even the kids who look like they have it together may be feeling just like you do. There’s no need to compare. Remember that people deal with ways differently. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn new things and meet new people who may know things you don’t or have different opinions. These people will be your friends for life or at least three years. Make it count. There will be several opportunities coming your way, and if you don’t take them, it’s your and only your loss.