The nutritious choice for lunch boxes

Every meal should be a balanced and nutritious meal, especially for your lunch. It should fill you up enough to last you till dinner when there are late nights. You don’t have to compromise on the quality of your, your spouse or your children’s lunch boxes. Their lunch boxes too should have healthy, filling meals with minimal efforts on your part. Firstly, if you’re making lunch for yourself you have to keep in mind a few things.

– Wash your hands along with all your vegetables and fruits and salad greens that you will use. You can dry the greens on a paper towel for crisper and less watered version of your salad.
– It’s possible for the raw meat germs to transfer on your vegetables. If these vegetables are left uncooked, there’s a chance of consuming those bacteria. So use different chopping boards and knife for meat.
– Cleaning while cooking is very effective in keeping things straight. You don’t want a messy kitchen in the middle of preparing spaghetti. Also cleaning as you go takes less effort than cleaning all at once in the end.
– If there are any leftovers, raw or cooked wrap them up in foils or boxes. Leftover foods are easier to use when Keto systematically.

Healthy lunch box ideas
Bread may sound boring, but a quick trip to your nearest supermarket will have you believe it isn’t. With such a huge variety of bread available today, bruschetta, baguette, and Panini bread it’s easy to up your sandwich game. Since there is a possibility that the normal sandwich bread becomes soggy, use dry bread to avoid this. Bread fillings can be many. Peanut butter and jelly are a classic combination, but it’s not very healthy. Just exchange jelly for sliced bananas and you’re good to go. A chicken salami sandwich instead of cheese and chicken patty can help you keep it healthy too. Make minor changes to your classic sandwich combinations to give it a healthy spin.
2. Rice cakes, quinoa or brown rice, make a perfect bed for a lot of toppings. This could range from vegetable stir fry to curries and grilled meat. Prepare rice and throw in some vegetables in the work. Stir fry with some family favorite sauces and serve it atop a beautiful fluffy bed of rice. Quinoa is a good substitute for rice. If you’re watching your calories this is a good option for you. It has half the calories of rice but tastes the same. Grilled chicken or grilled fish tatter very good with quinoa.
3. Adding a piece of fruit or fresh cut carrots and cucumbers is a good idea too. It’s something to nibble on in between. For a special treat, you can even pack beanie buttered apple slices. Baby carrots with honey mayo dressing are a delightful treat which is also very healthy. Berries or Grapes make good desserts too. Pack them up along your lunch box for a little healthy snack at the end of your meal.