The most favourite team sports of Australian kids

Australian kids are obsessed with sports activities. From swimming and basketball to football, they need a buddy or a team to start with the game at any point in time. Although it is challenging to select a few favourite games amongst the kids in Australia, below mentioned are some of the most played and sought-after team sports that they love to play.


One of the most popular sports in Australia is swimming. Most of the children aged 6-13 take part in this activity. Parents are always keen to enrol their kids in swimming activity from a very young age.


Soccer is also amongst the most popular team sports in Australia. Currently, it is in the first position in case of popularity amongst the young boys. They are going crazy about it after the recognition of Socceroos internationally and the massive success of the A-league, which is their national competition.


This team sport is continuously growing year after year and is extremely popular amongst the youngsters. One of the reasons for which more children are getting attracted towards this game is the success of young players of Australia in America’s National Basketball League (NBA). Many brilliant players are setting an example and inspiring the young kids to get into the game of basketball. Some of them are Patty Mills, Andrew Bogut, Chris Anstey and Lauren Jackson.


The kids in Australia are very fond of this game just like the other kids all over the world. The sports curriculum of primary schools in Australia always includes cricket as an essential part. The young lads love to play cricket in various local as well as high-level championships.


Netball was introduced in 1897 to Australia, and since then it has been a popular team sport for the kids there. It is the most popular amongst women in Australia, but the kids also take an active part in the game.



Aussie rules football
It is again amongst the most loved team sports in Australia. It is the also known as Australian football. It is the most watched sport on television and has the highest spectator attendance on the field. The AFL commission governs the rules of the game


Rugby league
The game is top-rated amongst kids in the northern states of Queensland and New South Wales. This game requires extreme fitness levels and high strength. Rugby is also amongst the most watched sport on television. Australia organises the premier Rugby League competition, called the National Rugby League (NRL), which is very popular worldwide.


Cycling is the passion of most of the adults and children in Australia. They not only consider cycling as a sports activity, in fact, but they also do it for many other reasons like transportation and recreation. The cyclists on the roads of Australia have been increasing year after year, and the magic is still on. The Australian cyclists are doing a great job in various national and international championships.