The best birthday party ideas for kids

The most awaited day for a toddler is his birthday. Of course, they’re going to feel unique with lots of presents, gifts, clothes and what not! So, it would not be wrong to say that the most exciting day in a toddler’s life is his/her birthday.

So, what can you gift your little one? Maybe a day to remember! It does not need a lot to make a kid’s birthday memorable. You don’t have to run here and there for a bunch of props. It is pretty simple and fun to make their birthdays worth remembering. Here are some of the exciting party ideas which can make their day.

– Games:
Of course, what makes them the most interested in anything? Games! You can organise many games for these tiny tots. Put all your stuff out in the open; the dolls, trains, garden trams etc. Children are the most inquisitive and innovative out of all. They would find one way or another to make the most of these little toys that you have.

They also get benefitted a lot from free play. They learn sharing, hand-eye coordination, social development and cognitive development. Although it is recommended that there is supervision to deal with the usual child dispute.

– Paint walls:
Children love to paint the walls of the house against the wish of their parents. Why not give them a chance on their best day? Dedicate a wall for them to paint and then you can take off the wallpaper to save this memory forever.

– Dance it off:
Just put some music on and leave out all the rest on these little Rihanna’s and JayZs. They have a boogie mode which turns on with the sound of music. So, just a little music would do the magic.

– Return Gifts:
Children are mad for getting a gift in return for they have given their current favourite toy as the present to some other kid. You can arrange for little return gifts that you might consider giving to the little ones which would add to the fun and excitement to the party.

– Themes:
Your child’s favourite cartoon based theme will be a picturesque scene for your eyes when you see them swinging. A simple dress code may be given in which all the children would dress up. They love to dress up and getting clicked. You can also give in your old shirts and skirts to make it more fun.

– Food:
The other thing which goes without saying is the variety of food available and what makes it even better is the way it looks.

You can simply arrange some delicious food or bake a cake in the shape of the kid’s favorite cartoon character to make the party more fun and exciting for the kids. Some delightful snack ideas for the party are:
1. Mini Carrot cakes
2. Apple Pies
3. Cookies
4. Chips
5. Sweet soft drinks

– Involvement of parents:
The missing piece which would complete the party is the involvement of parents of children in some of the fun activities. There must be enough space to accumulate them all and some fun games even for adults may be arranged. It will help the parents to bond while they see their little ones charge the Party with energy.