Teach your child to swim without swimming lessons

We all want to get fearless with water and enjoy it in full. We want the same for our kids as well and getting them to love the water at the very young age is a challenge. We join them in swimming classes but what about the situations when we can’t get that done? You can teach swimming to your child just by yourself, slow and steady.

Here are a few ways that you can include in teaching your child swimming. It is easy. It makes a lot more sense when you think of the fact that your child trusts you more than a stranger. Well, that makes the job even easier.

Develop love with water
When your child is as young, get him into the water and make them love it. You can do this by pouring water, splashing water on them, and more. Make sure you get your child excited when they sight water. Let them feel like it is fun to play with.

Water activities
Get your child into a small pool of water, let them be there for a while. Have them play and splash water all around. Let them feel the coolness of water on a sunshine day. Give them toys to play in, or else get yourself into the pool and have a good time together.

Equip your child
Buy floatation so that they can be safe with the water. Make them learn how to manage in the water with its force. Let them wander around the pool with floatation.

Approach them differently
The very next thing you do is remove the floatation and let them experience. At first, they must be scared and feel much of anxiety but sooner, with days, they will be alright. Let them experience the difference and learn to love the water.

Teach them to hold the breath
It is important to learn how to manage and hold the breath. Ask them to go under the water and hold the breath, make this a fun activity. Make them beat their own record each time.

Actual Lesson
After all those above, get your child into the actual lesson of swimming. Let them start kicking the water and teach them the body movements. Make them hold the wall or a person and try to have a little distance of swim. Give them 15 minutes of exercise after the lesson. This will help them get ready for the next lesson sooner.

Try this out and get your child into swimming like a pro in very few months. It is important for them to learn swimming for their safety, and teaching your child by yourself is what brings out cautious learning. Always look after them while swimming at least for another few months, because they are still learning. After learning the pool lesson, it is easy to swim, but beach waves are different. Let them get used to the beach waves while giving them happy training from your side as a parent.