Take The Kids to Sculpture by The Sea at Bondi

Looking for a specular event to entertain the kids (and parents!) with free entry? If so, check out Sculpture by the Sea at Bondi, the world’s largest free public exhibition that attracts up to 500,000 visitors every year. The exhibition has been held annually since 1997 and this year marks its 22nd anniversary. Every year there are new sculptures to see, so even if you have been to Sculpture of the Sea before there is a good reason to go again.

Sculpture by The Sea at Bondi

When walking through the Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk, you can expect to see beautiful, unique, unusual, clever, and wacky sculptures. During the two-km walk, there are 107 sculptures created by artists from Australia and from 21 different countries. We have taken a few photos posted in this article to give you a glimpse of some of the marvelous artwork you will see! Some of the fascinating sculptures to look out for this year include artist Mu Boyan’s Horizon, a sculpture of a large and fleshy man, and Danni Bryant’s spiky Friendly Terror.

Make sure you pack all the essentials when visiting the exhibition. This includes sunscreen, hats, water, sunglasses, and, of course, a camera because there is sure to be some fantastic photo opportunities! Bring along food and snacks or, if you feel like treating the kids, stop by at one of the cafes along the coastal walk where you can purchase a range of snacks and refreshments. You might also want to bring a ball or frisbee for the kids to play with on the Tamarama Beach. Better yet, stop and enjoy a picnic at the beach.

The event is particularly suited to children of school age, so you can plan a visit before or after school, or on the weekend. The easiest way to get to Sculpture by the Sea is by using public transport. There is limited parking available, especially on weekends and there are several road closures from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm while the art exhibition is being held.

If you want to avoid weekend crowds and find parking easier, go around sunrise. Going early, around 6 am, also means it will be easier to find parking and cooler temperatures. Most of the exhibition is accessible on a paved walkway, so you can also bring young children who need a pram. Check out the Sculpture by the Sea website for transport advice, including advice on how to avoid stairs on the walking route. The website also makes suggestions on easy walking routes to follow. Go prepared by downloading this useful map before you go.

So, if you are searching for a family-friendly activity that involves mesmerizing art, exercise, and fresh air, then visit Sculpture by the Sea. Best of all, it will not break the bank because it is free! However, be quick because the exhibition only lasts for three weeks and ends 4 November.

AuthorHadeel 25 October 2018

Address and Timings Details

Location: Bondi to Tamara coastal walk, Sydney
When: 18 October to 4 November 2018
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