Sunvale community park, a park like no other

When the sun is shining, and there are no clouds in sight, it calls for a day out with your family. It’s also good to take your kids out because kids will get bored if they are stuck indoors for a long period of time. For a kid that is active, he is going to want to do something, and he is not to blame.

Another reason is, that you do not want to fall in the screen time trap, which is a parenting dilemma in society today. That means, if they are bored then they will try to find something to do, and that is usually watching television, playing on the tablet or phone. To eliminate health issues in the future for our kids, it’s always a great idea to take them out to fun places. Let them enjoy the fresh air, and explore their environment. Sometimes going to a park, can easily solve that problem, because a park is out in the open with natural birdlife flying around with an abundance of trees to learn about, and many other things that your kids can enjoy.

Also, a park is a community place for families to come together and have fun. A great way for your kid to socialise with other kids. It also benefits you, because its a place where you can have a yarn or two with the people in your community.
To help you choose your next park, I would like to share with you a park that I have just discovered, and I’m eager to tell you all about it.

It’s called Sunvale community park, its located in Neil street Sunshine. It has to be one of the great parks in Sunshine that I have been to lately. Sunvale community park has just officially opened its doors in September, and it always packed full of people.

I had my daughters 1st birthday at this park, and all my guests were surprised at how great the park was. When we got to the park to set up, we struggled to find street parking, and the large sheltered area was all taken. However, we had a blast, there were still plenty of spaces on the beautiful lawn to sit and enjoy our birthday picnic.

This park has all the features, that you really need from a park, and it’s got extras too. A definite standout for the sunshine area. When you first step into Sunvale Park, you will see that there has been a lot of thought, and work involved because the plants are well situated, and there’s a large shelter area that can fit many families under.

You can either pack lunch, and have a picnic on the nice grassy area or whip up a bbq with the onsite bbq. There are also toilets for your convenience, and if you forgot to bring along dessert, then go ahead and pick off the tree because Sunvale park has an edible garden for you to enjoy.
The park caters for all ages, which includes, different types of play equipment’s to climb, and slide on, a skate park, play/water space, where the little kids can play in, and a large area to kick the ball around. Also, if you are an art enthusiast, Sunvale park has provided artworks for you to admire. The artworks were created by local Aboriginal artists. Cool right?

They’ve also added 100 more trees to the park, so I believe the park will definitely have more shelter once the trees start to grow bigger and taller. That means you can have more parties, and there will be more shelter for the families.
So, if your kid just wants to run around, and kick a ball then Sunvale community park is the park to be at!

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Author: Tien Pham on October 22, 2018
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