Setting up a good homework routine for kids

Completing the homework after coming back from the day long strict routine at school is always annoying for most of the kids. It is equally annoying for the parents too as they have to convince and sometimes forcefully make their children complete it. It takes a lot of energy to make children sit calmly and concentrate on the work. Life will be so easy if kids do their homework willingly, without any outside force and within a routine.

Homework is an important part of education as it strives to make the learning of kids better. It is difficult but not impossible to make children focus on their homework, readily and happily. There should be a strict routine which may be difficult to follow in the initial days; but once children get used to it, they find it really easy and comfortable.

Here are some important tips and tricks on setting up a strict homework routine for the kids.

A fixed time for doing homework
There should always be a fixed time for studying and for doing the homework. When there is a proper time table for each and every thing, including games and watching television; homework does not get that monotonous. Children are always interested in completing everything in time as they know that lacking at one area will deprive them of some other activity of their interest.

Parents can assign the time frames for doing various activities according to the condition and stamina of children. There should be a time to rest also so that they can complete the homework with a fresh mind. Evening time should be to play with friends outside to enable their proper growth and development.

Doing homework in the study room
There should be a proper environment for study so that children can focus and do not get distracted because of anything. The best thing is to make them study in a separate room which is free from any distractions and is properly arranged. The room should be properly furnished according to the requirement of a child, well ventilated, decluttered and free from any outside noises and distractions. Providing a proper environment to study will definitely help them to concentrate on their homework.

Rewarding kids for completing homework
This is a very good idea for motivating children to complete their home work timely. Motivating them with some small rewards and incentives, appropriate according to their age works really well in making kids interested in their homework.  The rewards can be like giving 10 minutes extra for playtime or a picnic on the weekend.

Time limit for completing homework
There should be a time limit for completing the homework so that other activities do not suffer. If a child spends the whole afternoon and evening in finishing the homework, he is deprived of all the other activities of his interest in playing, resting, watching television and so on. This makes the child annoyed and tired. To avoid this situation, a time limit should be fixed so that the child can enjoy and equally indulge in other activities too.