Serendip Sanctuary in Lara, Geelong, Close Encounter With Nature’s Wildlife


Springtime has finally arrived, Melbourne is getting a bit warmer, so you are starting to search for places to take your kids out, but you don’t know where to start. Serendip Sanctuary in Lara is the perfect place to start, just approx. 22km from Geelong, this place is a gem. Serendip sanctuary has to be one of my favourite places, to take my kids these days, and it’s for FREE! As a parent, free sounds good to me.

Since the discovery of this great place, I’ve been back many times with the family, and I still can’t get enough of it. If your open, for close encounters with natures birdlife, and wildlife then I suggest going to  Serendip sanctuary in Lara.

Make the most out of Serendip sanctuary, and pack your family their lunchboxes, because you will need at least a full days worth to explore this place. Are you worried about your fussy kid, who doesn’t like to go places, besides a play centre, then this place will change that. Your kid will love running around the open plains and picking up fallen sticks along the way.

Serendip sanctuary Lara

You get quite a bit out of the walks because they are entertaining and educational. Also, keep in mind that the walks do vary in length, so choose the one you prefer, and wear comfortable walking shoes. They have facilities like picnic tables/chairs, sheltered bbq area, a public toilet, and free onsite parking.

For families that are nice, and close to Lara, then you are fortunate because Serendip sanctuary has a couple of trail walks, that you can choose from, and if you can’t do all of them in one day then you have no excuse not to come back. Throughout the trail, there are plenty of signs to guide you on the way. Each walk has a theme, and it will take you through that theme.

kangaroo sitting down

This place can speak for itself, you will encounter nature at its finest, and you will be in awe of how beautiful the open grassland and wetlands are. Serendip sanctuary offers a great family day out in a bundle, and your kids will love going in the wetland area, to learn about the ecosystem.

Serendip sanctuary, also provides educational tools, like magnifying glasses for you to get in there, to try and identify the little insects/bugs, that make up the wetland ecosystem. Bird life is abundant here; they are metres away from you. I.e. Families of ducks waddle right at your feet. They also have a flight aviary,  where you can spend a bit of time bird watching through the giant microscope.

walking emus

On the wildlife walk, you will have close encounters with the kangaroos, and emus while they relax in their natural habitat. You’ll see yellow-billed spoonbills waddling at proximity. This place is amazing; you will feel so relaxed while enjoying precious time with your family.

This is the perfect place to learn, appreciate our ecosystem, and what nature has provided us with. Your kids will want to come back, and I don’t blame them. It has everything for everyone. The trail walk has come to an end, your kids are tired, and perhaps getting a bit hungry. You have the option of firing up the bbq which is supplied onsite, so you can enjoy a delicious meal together with your family while taking in the beautiful natural bushland that Serendip sanctuary has to offer.


A note of precaution:  Make sure you don’t expose any food because there are a lot of crows, who will pinch it while you are not looking. Trust me, its happened to me.

You can find Serendip sanctuary at, 100 Windermere Rd. Lara. They open seven days a week from 8am-4pm, and did I mention that it’s for free?

Have fun to explore nature’s beauty!


Author: Tien Pham on October 29, 2018
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