Selecting the appropriate size of the scooter for a child

Kids love riding scooters with their friends and get adventurous with their style of handling it. Scooter riding is always a fun idea for children of all ages, and it also has many health benefits too. But, buying a scooter that is appropriate according to the age of children is a difficult task. There are several factors which should be considered before purchasing one.

The size of the scooter is a significant factor of consideration while purchasing so that the child gets proper positioning and is comfortable while riding it. Any discomfort while standing or balancing may lead to accidents.

Apart from being a fun activity for children, scooter riding has many health and emotional benefits too. It builds confidence, sense of freedom, spatial awareness, balancing skills and many more. Thus, a scooter must be appropriate according to the child’s age, weight and shape of the body to make him ride it properly and attain its benefits. There are many models available in the market; below mentioned are the factors to be considered while purchasing one.

Size of the scooter deck
A deck is the most important part of a scooter and must be of a very appropriate size for the kids to avoid any accidents. It is the area where children stand when they ride the scooter. They should be comfortable to hold on the deck for a smooth ride, and this is undoubtedly the first factor of consideration while purchasing a new scooter for the child.

The standard size of the scooter deck for riders aged between16-25 is 4-4.5 inches wide and 19-21 inches long. These are available in smaller sizes according to the age, weight and foot size of the child.

Size of the scooter bars
Scooter bars mainly provide the balance while a child rides the scooter. It is also responsible for the durability of a scooter. The riders can adjust the length of bars according to their height. Ideally, the handle of scooter should be at the chest height of the child. When the handle is at this height, the child feels comfortable while riding and do not have any strain on back or shoulders.

Size of the scooter wheels
It is again an essential part of the scooter to be considered while buying one. The wheels play a crucial role in giving a smooth and comfortable ride on difficult areas. For professional riders, bigger wheels are the best as they are ideal for difficult roads and uneven terrains while maintaining a reasonable speed. Bigger wheels are hard to control and are meant for professional riders. Parents should go for smaller wheels for their children so that they can handle the scooter easily.

Safety of the child
Above all, the most important factor to be considered while buying a scooter for the child is safe. The size should be so appropriate that the child stands on it with ultimate comfort and controls it easily. The height of handlebars should be below the neck of the rider to avoid any injuries on neck or face in case of any accidents.