School-age children at play

School is one new adventure for many children and play will help them to decide how to get along with it. So, mentioned below are a few steps through which you can prepare your child for early school-years.

1. School-age play and games
The children usually get matured at the age of 6-9 years. You can develop this habit through continuous training. It is at this age that your child gets to create new hobbies and interests with the play activities. Thus, you should encourage your kid to follow his passion and interests.

By the time your kid becomes matured, he will develop friendships with people of the same gender. These friends may have importance to your child, but you need to make your child realise that they are equally important to you. You should involve in playful activities with your child to strengthen the bond between you two.

Though the child will have a new experience at the school, he will still need your support and guidance in case of troubles. If you are interactive with your child, it will help to strengthen the bond.

2. Structured play and self-directed play
The child nowadays has a structured way so that they can get involved in the school. Most of the people are worried about their children not being involved in the activities.

In the self-structured and unstructured play schedule kids plan what they are going to do and in what way. It is beneficial for the kids as it helps them to
– Develop their imaginations and thoughts.
– Traverse their ideas
– Get to do the activities according to their wish.
– Play and game ideas

You can try out the following unstructured plays for your kids
Outdoor activities: allow your child to have fun bike rides in the local parks or walks with the nearby friends.
Dress-up and pretend: This will allow your child to explore their desires, ambitions and wishes. You can give the old clothes and handbags to dress-up.
Art and craft: Let your child be creative with all the crayons and drawings so that he can make puppets and be as creative as he can.
Musical play: Your child can express his emotions by being involved in the musical activities such as dancing and singing.

Apart from the unstructured activities, some of the structured activities that your kid can try includes
– Crafts
– Solving puzzles and playing card or board games
– Being involved in the outdoor activities.

3. Screen Time
All kids at this age are fond of screen time. So, you should allow your child some time for video games and app. You should also try taking participation in the screen time with your child. For overall development, you should keep a balance between the screen time and other playful activities.

Do not allow your child to spend too much of time in front of the screen such as television and phone screen can prove to be a hindrance to the overall development of your child.