Saving kids from the hazards of smart phones

Children these days are addicted to smart phones, laptops and various other electronic gadgets. They always prefer being stuck with their mobile phones at home rather than going outside and playing with friends. This is causing an adverse effect on their health and posture. Parents need to be very careful with their child’s addiction to smart phones and other gadgets. Some children also experience severe pain in their back and neck due to the long duration of their exposure to mobiles and tablets.

There is a substantial increase in the number of such children who are experiencing various health related problems due to their addiction to smart phones. Not only their health, but the postures are also greatly affected to a great extent.

Adverse effect on the posture of children
Children are stuck with the smart phones for hours with their heads tilted forward. Their posture is greatly affected as they sit in a position that is bent over the gadget. Because of being in the same position for long hours, children suffer severe postural problems.

The spine of a child is in the developing phase, and prolonged hunching of the shoulders due to continuous exposure to mobile phones cause postural problems.

Severe neck and back pain
Another big problem which children encounter due to their prolonged use of smart phones is severe neck and back pain. At a very young age, children are experiencing severe pain due to their addiction to these gadgets, and this is really a matter of great concern. The effects of continuous exposure of children to smart phones are long lasting. They tend to suffer a lot later in their life also.

Apart from severe neck and back pain, children who prefer to stay indoors and spend hours and hours playing games on mobile phones are also prone to extreme headaches.

Tips to save children from these hazards
Some small changes in the habits of children can really make a difference and save them from the dangerous side effects of being the technology freaks. Some of the effective tips are as follows:

Taking some exercise breaks
It is recommended to take some regular breaks during the use of smart phones and indulge in some arm stretching exercises to avoid any effect on the body posture. Taking frequent breaks and doing some basic exercises during these breaks while texting and working on smart phones can help in strengthening the muscles of neck and back.

Exposure to sunlight for sufficient Vitamin D
Vitamin D is mandatory for healthy bones. Children should be encouraged to get enough sunlight through walks and exercises in the morning so that they get sufficient Vitamin D for their growth and development. This would help them get rid of any kind of back and neck pain.

Protein diet and keeping hydrated
Proper protein diet and keeping well hydrated is very important for the growth of children and repairing the tissues in the body. This will help a lot in preventing them from the risks of back and neck pain.

Proper posture while sitting and standing
Parents should be alert regarding the posture of children while sitting and standing. They should guide their kids to keep their posture good while they sit or stand so that any postural problems are avoided.