Problem solving – the art and creativity

Children often come up with creative solutions, sometimes in a few challenging situations. In fact, it is the dream of every parent, to see their children come up with innovative and creative ideas to resolve conflicts. However, the point is that in reality, children do need help in learning how to find solutions to multiple problems. Also, children need to develop skills to tackle different kinds of issues. So, how can we help a child in directing attention to find the right solution and to keep away from wrong answers?

Getting Engaged In Arts:
This is a smart way and can be an excellent starting for parents, which helps in developing their skills. It also helps in improving their problem solving skills. We usually find it difficult to associate arts skills to address a critical issue, because we usually associate softer qualities like artistic pursuits, nurturing talents and encouraging expressions.

It is well-known that arts help children to find solutions to critical problems. It helps in celebrating multiple perspectives. In fact, children learn that there are several ways of solving a problem and interpreting the world. Assisting children to learn art help children in being more innovative and compelling in solving various problems.

For instance, Nancy is the parent of three children. She usually pulls out a scrapbox when her children feel they are bored and have nothing to do. This scrapbox is a container which is filled with different objects such as paper clips, cotton balls, rubber bands, paper towel tubes and many others. Nancy makes the most of the situation and challenges her children to create something innovative from this junk. They are tested to create something exciting and beautiful but only from the trash which is available. Nancy understands that her children are fond of these challenges. They love the associated fun which helps them in finding solutions to different problems.

Katie who is a day care provider also does something which is quite similar. She gives each child the same quantity of different materials in the form of small pieces of cardboard, pipe cleaners and other. Jordan then asks the children to create something original using the material. It is quite amazing to find the range of creations which the children often come up with using the same kind of stuff. Katie encourages collaboration with her children as she understands it a way of sparking creativity in them. It is quite well-known that a certain level of frustration can actually force someone to think creatively and this is the way newer ideas come up from children.

Creative thinking, as well as reasoning, is considered to be an important aspect of government leaders, educationists, businesses and communities. As children grow and develop, they are known to be introduced into newer ideas, which involve different creative ideas. When children are introduced to more modern concepts, it helps them in solving several creative problems, and they are able to express their thoughts uniquely. With the help of the arts, children learn different ways of expressing their opinions and identities. This helps them to succeed in any area – this might be the playground or the workplace in the later years.