How Can You Help Parents Of A Premature Baby

Being pregnant comes with a lot of responsibilities, one of the most important ones being planning the arrival of the baby. You need to prepare everything, from clothes to the room and everything.

But, all your plans can turn to waste if the baby makes an unexpected arrival, which can be a premature baby.

A pregnant woman feels bad
A pregnant woman feels bad

In the case of premature babies, they usually arrive before the 37th week of pregnancy. Although there is no necessity of premature babies being tiny and weak, it can be frustrating for the parents to run around the hospital ensuring the best care for their child.

As a mother, you may feel obligated and happy about the arrival of your baby, but their early arrival can be a little scary. You may want to cuddle up against your baby, but the fear of them being a preemie and getting infected gives way to thousands of threats and concerns. These fears then give way to insecurities and your happiness vanishes in a moment.

A Premature baby boy covered in vertix in the incubator

Many people often have their first child as a premature baby. Mothers usually spend years and years researching the reason behind the preemie birth of their baby. But honestly, there is entirely no specific reason for your baby’s premature birth.

The premature babies are usually kept in the individual care units for a while to keep a check on their health. It can be extremely annoying and scary at times.

If you are someone who had entered the world of parenting unexpectedly when you were preparing for it or are a family member make sure to follow these tips. A particular time can be terrifying for these new parents, and you need to be supportive of them to help them maintain their calm.

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Be supportive

A woman who has just given birth to a premature birth will be in utter confusion. They will have a lot of things to deal with; they have these mixed feelings within them of anxiety and overwhelming. You may send them gifts, but they may not be able to receive it with complete happiness. The best gift you can give someone like her is your support.

Since she needs to be in the hospital around the baby, you can choose to stay in touch with email and texts. A simple text with the message that you are there for her can enlighten her mood in the hospital unit. Make sure you listen to her, every time she wants to share.

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Don’t go for clothes

If a baby is recently born in your family, it is difficult to resist the urge to purchase clothes for them. But you will have to if the baby is a premature one since they will need time to grow.

These premature babies are kept under incubators to ensure that they grow. They aren’t dressed like normal babies but instead covered with napkins. The hospitals make sure to supply the clean clothes to your babies until they reach the maximum age. You may find preemie baby clothes in the stores, but they aren’t reliable.

If you are looking forward to purchasing clothes, wait till the time the baby comes out healthy. Wait for the kid to reach home so that you can gift him the belongings.

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The sudden arrival of the baby may shock you, but it is a moment to celebrate. You don’t need the baby to come home for the celebration. Even if the mother needs to stay in the hospital for long hours, they will need to stay happy with the members and celebrate the arrival of the baby. Since the preemie baby parents are confused and anxious, you can choose to send out special cards, flowers, and messages.

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Be kind

Words can have a deep impact, and you won’t know when one gets hurt by your words. While talking to the parents of a preemie baby, you should be very careful with your words. Do not ask questions like ‘Isn’t the baby too tiny?’ No parent would like to hear such words about their baby and being compared to others in the word.

Instead of stressing over any fact, you should be kind with your words. Premature babies have a tough journey, and you should choose to be positive about them always. Instead of asking invasive questions, you can go on complimenting the baby.

A beautiful newborn baby is asleep.

Be help at home

The sudden arrival of the baby can turn the tables and disrupt the overall routine. If such a thing has happened in your family, ensure that you take up some load and help the family. You can help parents with some daily chores such as house cleaning, ironing, cooking and more.

The special care unit does not allow mothers to use home-cooked foods. You can choose to keep up some food in the freezer so when the mother returns they can enjoy the cooked meal at home.

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Send some gifts for the baby

Even if the tiny one arrives early, it is an important part of your family. So, ensure that you welcome them in the best way possible. You can send out gifts such as blank or shawl. Another present you can send out for the baby includes soft toys and plush animals. You can also get some toys that can be kept in the baby’s crib or nursery. You can buy a book about parenting. These books can help the mother and also keep her occupied in the baby unit. You can get some vouchers for shopping, the best option for your kid.

Send some gifts for the baby
Gifts for the baby


Apart from offering them support, you should very carefully listen to what these mothers have to say. Having a preemie baby can be scary for the mother. They will not want to spend time away from your baby. So, if the mother does not approve of you holding the child, don’t. These hospitals have rules, and the ones for babies are essentials. One thing you should be doing is not flocking around the crib.

When you go to visit the child, you can ask the mother for some break or enjoy the photos of the new baby.

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Pamper a little

The mother has just given birth, and she is pleased by the feeling. The last thing she will be considering is herself, and the first has to be a baby. You can gift her a personal gift for herself. You can choose gifts such as shower gels, lotions, hand wash, face creams and more. Apart from that, you can also send some photo frame with their pictures. If you have visited the baby previously, you can make a picture frame that can be thoughtful. Be sure to remind her that she is being a great mother and doing her job correctly.

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Offer to pick up services

One way through which you can help the new mother is by driving her home from the hospital after giving birth. Most of the mothers who just gave birth have a tough time driving, so you can be of great help by driving them. If you are driving to a baby care unit, you can choose to enhance the support for the mother. Parking costs can increase a lot if the baby is in the special care unit.

Apart from offering the pickup service, you can also bring in some warm home cooked meal for the mother. This small gesture of kindness can be of great help.

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Stay in touch

When the baby comes home from the special care unit, the parents can be extremely overwhelmed. You can allow the parents to have a great time and enjoy the moment. Apart from that, you should continuously stay in touch with your parents. Let them know through text or call that you are always there for them and if they need any support, you can help them out. Tell them; you can help them with minor shopping and give some friendly advice. It will help them remain calm.

Having a preemie baby can be a matter of anxiety and happiness. You cannot choose one over the other. It is a mixed feeling of joy. Therefore, you can want to offer the best of what you can, to let them know everything is fine and they’re not alone.

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