Best farms to pick chestnuts

For the last few years, agro-tourism has become a way to relax for people living in an urban society. Physical work to picking fruits and berries in the fresh air allows you to recharge and get some positive energy. It is also an excellent way to spend a family day together.

One of the options for a day trip from Sydney can be a trip to the farms that grow chestnuts. Even if you have never tried them, do not pass by this unusual nut, you should decide to try an uncharted dish. Do not postpone such a trip, because the season does not last long: only from March to April.

The chestnut contains minerals, vitamins A, B, C, fibre, sugars, proteins and a large amount of starch. Thanks to the latter, the chestnut can be considered a natural “energy bar”: a pair of fruits will save you from weakness, hunger and fill up with energy.

Edible chestnut is not only tasty but also very useful. If you have chestnuts on a regular basis, it increases the tone of blood vessels and prevents the formation of blood clots, accelerates the treatment of atherosclerosis.

Chestnuts also perfectly restore muscle tone and help to fight fatigue. The nut itself has a minimal calorie content, which makes it extremely popular among people who are watching their waistline. A list of dishes that you can make with chestnuts is vast and different.

Taste qualities and useful properties mainly depend on the correct choice of chestnut. Try to pick the more rounded nuts without external damage, and they will be sweeter and with a pleasant taste. Chestnut perfectly retains its useful qualities for a long time, if they stored adequately.

These fruits are perfectly preserved for two weeks in plastic bags placed in the refrigerator and for five months if stored in a freezer.

Below is the list of farms with proximity to Sydney and where you can find this marvellous nut.

1. Kookootonga Nut Farm
The distance from Sydney is about 130 km (2 hours’ drive). The Kookootonga is one of the original farms to been established in the beautiful region of Mount Irvine in the Blue Mountains. The Scrivener family has owned the Kookootonga since 1897, and the first chestnuts and walnuts were planted over 100 years ago.

2. Nutwood Farm
The distance from Sydney is about 130 km (2 hours’ drive).
The ancestor of the Nutwood Farm, Beverly Carruthers, began to grow her magnificent garden of more than 200 chestnuts and walnuts in the 1980s. You can enjoy it during the season of collecting chestnuts. The farm management recommends:: check the weather (Wet weather gear), full tank of petrol (near petrol station 50 min drive), gumboots / flat shoes, hat and sunscreen, bottled water.

Head to the farm for new sensations and fresh chestnuts. Such a weekend will suit everyone.