Parenting: you are actually not doing it wrong

Nowadays, there is at least one person out there that is watching over certain aspects of our lives, and they are ready to pounce with criticism. What makes it easy for people to monitor our movements is the influx of social media and reality television. This has created a ‘big brother’ complex in our society. It is because we do display our moments publicly and just like vultures circling above us, some people cannot help but keep watching over everything we are doing. To have control over this, parenting is one of those aspects that can help.

Every parent should enjoy the parenthood because it is the time learn, bond and get to know your capabilities as a parent and to get to know your child. This may not be easy to do, but nobody will judge you on the method you are using to raise your child. No matter the child you are raising, the experience is virtually the same.

Parenting is a journey in different ways and labels. One set of parents are like a helicopter that hovers around the child’s life, and they give no room for self-expression, growth, and discovery. The other set of parents are permissive or uninvolved parents; they are seen as irresponsible parents because they demand or expectations of their children.

It is also better to know that some people out there who are looking into your way of life and will be happy to help you out with some seasoned parenting advice. This may be too much at times because it leads to being pestering, critical and just downright mean. Parents need to understand these people, take most of them lightly and put them in the right place.

Every parent is responsible for the growth of his or her child, and you have every right to raise him or her ‘your’ way. With your unique method of raising your children, nobody in his or her right sense can criticise or question your methods unless you are abusive. As a parent, you are perfect only when you keep on doing what is right for you, your children and your entire family while neglecting all negativities.

If you are open-minded and mindful of everything you are doing, you are not doing it wrong. You should understand that every family has a ‘story’ behind them. It is not easy to be a parent, and that is why we are always two. This way, we will be able to support our children and not judging or tear them down. Do not use another family to judge your own because not every method that works for that family will work for yours. You have to accept and respect that you are doing.

Always remember, “Each day spent as a parent is a day spent learning.”

“It is not always possible to be the parent you wish to be or the parent you have imagined yourself to be. What matters is to be the parent your child needs while giving them what they need in their life and nature” – Ayelet Waldman.