Know about single parent family

In normal parenthood, children are looked after by both parents. But, in single parent families child or children live with one parent due to various reason – may be one of the parents have died, some kids’ parents got divorced or live separately, one parent of some kids have to live abroad to earn a livelihood, etc. various reasons. According to the statistics most of the children live with their mother in a single parent family and living with the only dad is comparatively a rare event. Some kids live with both parents but not at the same time. When the parents live separately, sometimes children spent the week with mum and weakened with dad or vice versa. Sometimes they spend one week with mum and next week with dad. Sometimes children live with one parent all the time but spend the holiday with another parent. There are some who have never seen his or her one of the parents in the lifetime.

Some Disadvantages of Single Parent Family
You are expected to look after not only yourselves but also younger siblings from the very young age in a single parent family. You have to be involved to run the family smoothly. Help your single parents in various ways like making your own school lunches, getting yourselves ready, look after your clothes, etc. These are good practices which will make you self dependent, and you will find no inconveniences in the future. Your parent will treat you as an adult early and will want to depend on you in this type of family. You may experience a monetary crisis sometimes, or it may be impossible sometimes to participate in after school activities as your single parent have to work hard to do the entire works single handedly. You may not be so blessed like your friends who live with both parents to enjoy the long company of your single parent because a single parent has to be busy all the time to run the family smoothly. But, it is always better to live in a peaceful single parent family than to live in a family of both parents where shouting, quarreling, crying, etc. are part of daily activities.

Your Duty Being a Child in a Single Parent Family
There is a good chance of tug-of-war; you are the pivot, among your parents especially when their relation is not friendly. Enjoy being with them each one in turn. Children often feel pressurised to act as a spy on other parent’s action. Remain cool and love both of your parents and honor them.

Things to be Aware of
You may be self-dependant from your childhood if you live in a single parent family. But do not be overconfident. Try to mix with other children your age, play sport and enjoy life. You may be bossy at home because circumstances have made you but try not to be bossy or rude to your teacher and other adults. Your single parent may be dependent on you. But do not under estimate them. You need to spend time with your grandparents as well.