Keep your kids safe on a farm

Living on a farm or even just going for a farm holiday can be super exciting, especially for the kids. However, there are so many elements on the farm that can cause the kids to get hurt. A lot of things can be overly unsafe for the child. Right from being around the animals, to transporting materials, even using some machinery or driving around bikes and tractors.

You won’t always realise it, but the smallest and the minutest things can be a source of danger to your child.

Here are some of the most common injury causing elements on farms:
Injuries caused due to use of machinery
– Use of shooting guns
– Injuries caused by animals
– Vehicular accidents – tractors, bikes, cars
– Use of sharp tools and equipment
– Coming into contact with harmful chemicals like pesticides and insecticides

Farm work may look extremely easy and like a fun-filled adventure. But truth be told, no matter how tempting, it is best to perform all farm activities with an elder alongside.

Better safe than sorry:
In order to minimize the risk of any injury and to maximize safety measures, farms should put together a set of rules that must be followed to the T.

Here are some mandatory rules to avoid any harm that could occur:
– Keep sharp equipment away from the reach of children
– Turn of all machinery after use
– Keep the chemicals away from where children usually hang out the most
– Guns must be kept under lock and key
– Wells and ditches should always be covered
– Use of seatbelts in any vehicles is a must
– Kids must wear boots and apply sunscreen when they go outside
– Helmets and gloves should be used when performing any activity on the farm
– Adult supervision is mandatory, especially when doing something for the first time
– Make sure you have learned the concerned skill before implementing it alone

Dealing with an emergency:
We have now established the fact that farms are a dangerous place to be at, especially for children. It may be a good idea to have your child well aware of how to manage an emergency situation if one arises. For this, have a set protocol that needs to be followed. Based on the type of farm you have, the emergency situations, and the protocol to get them under control will vary.

Here are a few common emergency situations that occur on farms and must have a set protocol to avoid or minimize damage:
– How to deal with fire?
– How to control escaped animals?
– How to be safe during a flood?
– How to cure snake bites?
– Situations that require first aid treatment

Understand the different variables that are involved in making the farm life dangerous, get them under control and have set protocols. All this and every kid should be ready to live the farm life!