Igniting a love for diary writing in kids

This generation next is apparently of the ‘Young Adults’ who have brains which work faster and an intellect which is better than their parents.

All this incoming of information and no outsourcing of this stress lead to restlessness in these tiny toddlers. Goes with the saying, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’.

The best way out in this situation is to write a diary about everything that happens in one’s life. It has multiple benefits which help a child in overall development.

But the problem is, how do you develop an interest in your child to write a diary?!

Importance of diary writing for kids
The importance of developing literacy skills in children is very well known to the young parents of this generation. These skills can be best achieved by writing.

Children nowadays are more inclined towards electronic gadgets like televisions, mobile phones etc. So it is indeed a tough job to get them into writing. Parents need to make some sincere efforts to create an interest in writing in them. Initially, it may take some extra effort and time, but gradually kids become habitual and extremely interested in writing.

Perhaps, diary writing is one of the best ways which work towards the holistic development of a child rather than conventional plain books.
A best seller in this regard is the ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ which talks on the same topic.

Diary of a wimpy kid
It primarily talks about a preteen named Greg Heffley, who is not a very bright child and uses his diary as a way to tackle the misadventures that he goes through in his school life. The whole series promotes the pleasure of writing a journal in an effortless, enjoyable and interesting way that they can perform daily.

Benefits of writing
Writing a diary is no loss in the first place. You don’t have any bulky stuff to carry around. Like a little i-pad or a phone, a pen and a diary go hand in hand which can be easily used while travelling, on the kitchen table or in the park.

A diary can become your child’s best friend; it helps your child to develop his imagination to a level unimagined. Writing, conventionally speaking, also helps him to increase his IQ which will further help him to get good grades in his results.
So it helps a child to achieve mindfulness, to learn manner and discipline and, of course, for holistic development.

Help your ward to write!

Motivate them. A beautiful looking diary attracts everyone towards itself. Every night in bed, with a cup of hot chocolate, ask them to write how they felt that day.

Some other prompts to help a child in writing

1. The topic of the Day:
A significant problem that kids may face is to decide what to write on. Help them with this question by telling them a ‘Topic of the day’ on which they may write. Simple topics may be given like plants, family, father etc. This will help them imagine, think and improvise.

2. Pit and peak:
Pit means, the worst thing that happened and peak means the best that happened. Ask them to write on both the topics and look at how imaginative a pit and peak may look.

3. Phrase:
Every week, a new sentence may be given to the ward like ‘I remember’, ‘Today I saw’ and ask your ward to write something in lines of this phrase. This can spark imagination in your child in great strength.