If you are a parent of a shy child

There is absolutely nothing wrong in being a little shy around new situations. Being shy makes the child uncomfortable and results in missing the opportunity for him/her to grow. These missed opportunities can become a huge problem that a child can face later.

Fortunately, a caring and concerned parent can help them figure out and get them out of it. But, like a shy child, he inevitably requires his own space for learning and making themselves comfortable with the situation.

Parenting a Shy Child
Some parents accept their shy child, but on the other side, the parents want them to be comfortable in such situations. However, the ultimate aim is to throw away the shyness in helping the kid to explore of what she really wants to do. It will support his work with his personality and encourage her in doing things of her choice. Here are a few techniques to help your child:
– Be on her Side – Support your child in the situations in which they are not confident. There will be times when the child will not want anyone near them. These are the times the parents should grab on. Support them and give them the courage to take initiatives. A parents’ helping hand can guide the child a long way.
– Set a Stage for her – Request your friends and family to work along with your kid. Tell them to give her own space for her to work on her shyness. Let her have her space and observe to adjust to various situations, accordingly.
– Teach the balance – it is not necessary to completely eliminate the shyness from your child. Your child must have anxiety as a part of her life. Support her in every way, if she isn’t comfortable then don’t force her into anything.
– Help in discovering her Strengths – Make her observe what she is capable. Let her do of what she wants, most shy children can follow well. As they follow the others, they tend to develop more understanding towards their peers.

Understand your Shy Child
Not every child is going to be social; it all depends upon how they intake the environment. As a parent, it is over responsibility in taking care of and aiding them to overcome shyness which needs to be eliminated. Important to note is that ‘Shyness in never Bad.’ It is essential to be shy at some point, and all comes is that to be over shy.

Every child has their unique personality, and it is us, as a parent to accept what they are. But, if your child is losing opportunities in regards to shyness, then there is that time to help them. Fortunately, it can be changed where a child at 7 being shy and under-confident can easily become a socially engaging person at the age of 10. All that matters is that you and your child explore together the things to fix!