Identifying the gifted children

Gifted children are the ones who are blessed with extraordinary abilities in the field of any activity like leadership, art, music and others and high on IQ. It is rather difficult to recognise gifted children as it sometimes becomes hard for people as well as the parents themselves to identify the uniqueness of their child. They should know the qualities of a gifted child by which they can be identified at a very young age.

There are certain points on which parents can recognise the extraordinary abilities of their children. Children may show the signs of their giftedness at various stages of life. Parents just have to identify those unique activities of their children which make them different from the rest.

Behavioral characteristics of gifted children
– Early milestones of gifted children include speaking words and sentences earlier than the normal children.
– They also sit and walk significantly earlier than others and start reading and recognising words before they reach school age.
– They are problem solvers and decision makers from a very young age.
– They are fast learners and advanced readers.
– They are intense and are full of energy, empathy, awareness and sensitivity.

Education for the gifted children
It is very important to identify the gifted children and educate them as per their abilities. They are different from the normal children and treating them as the normal ones deteriorate their uniqueness.

Unlike normal children, gifted ones can start reading earlier, identify and solve problems easily and have amazing cognitive abilities. They should be treated differently so that they can develop by their extraordinary abilities and prove to be an asset to the nation in the future.

Responsibility of parents
It is the responsibility of parents to identify the uniqueness and giftedness in their child at an early age. They should not ignore the unique behavioral traits and extraordinary abilities of the child and work upon its improvement so that he could succeed in the future.

There should be proper arrangements and facilities for gifted children in schools and at home once they are identified. If they get the same treatment and facilities like the normal children, their giftedness is not properly valued, and it remains of no use for them. They try to adjust themselves according to the normal children and gradually they too come down to their level.

Parents of these children should strive to provide the most advanced and unique facilities so that they can rise and shine above their level. They can do wonders in the future if identified earlier and guided accordingly.

Responsibility of teachers
Along with the parents, teachers are also equally responsible for the development of these children. They should be treated differently as compared to the normal children. Special classes and curriculum can be introduced for them so that they can get the educational facilities according to their capabilities.

They are much smarter and intelligent than the other children of their age group. Thus, their abilities should be utilised properly, and they must be nurtured from a very young age in a manner that they could shine brighter in the future.