How to Tie Shoelaces – Help Your Kid Learn Shoelace Tying

little girl learning to tie shoelaces

It is often quite challenging for a young child to learn the right way to tie shoelaces. If you are planning to teach your child the technique of tying shoelaces, the best option is to select the most straightforward technique.  The two simple methods of tying shoelaces include ‘one loop’ and the easy ‘two loops’ techniques.

Usually both the methods begin with the first knot. You can then pull the lace to the side which will ensure they are straight. You can take both the laces and hold them across one another so that they make an X-shape. You can then take the back lace and then fold it. It will end a little down, just in the middle, which is created by X. The hanging lace can be pulled through this triangle and held back, only to the next to another lace.

One Loop Technique

From the start knot, you need to take lace and then make a loop. You can pinch this loop, just in the section where the laces cross. A little lace should be left dangling, after this pinch. This pinch needs to be close to a shoe. You can take the unlooped lace and then pull it a little away, just around the pinched loop. It will meet itself again. You will still push the middle portion of the unlooped lace through this hole, which you created between the unlooped and looped laces. You will again pull this lace, which you just pushed. Remember, not to pull the entire lace. Simultaneously, you will be pulling the looped lace in the other direction, as the knot tightens. There should be two loops and two straight bits, just as a bow looks.

‘Two Loop’ Technique

For this method, you will make just the same type of loop which you made from the other technique. However, you will be using both the laces. As you keep them pinched, you can cross the loops quite like in starter knot. You will then create a hole just in between. You can again bend the back loop over, just in front. The tip will end close to the hole. You will again push this tip of the loop which is bent, through this hole. You can again pull this tip through this hole, as you quickly pull the other side of the loop in another direction but at the same time. This process will nicely tighten the knot. There should be two loops, and there need to be two straight bits, of this lace which will poke out.

Quick Tips:

– Kids who are just trying should start their show tying lessons on bigger shoes.
– Using wide and flat laces is good. You will be able to handle laces quite easily.
As your kid starts shoe tying lessons, you need to encourage them and sit just behind them so that you can help them tie their shoes.

Last, but not the least, do not forget praising your little one with every attempt made.