How to organise your kids toys and other belongings

Children’s toys can create an unwanted mess everywhere in the house. The worst part about is the frequency at which this happens. Picking up after their toys every day is a difficult chore.

But this won’t be a problem once you start realising that keeping them organised in the first place helps a lot. Having you or your children organise and maintain the toys in a particular area every time will save you a lot of work. So we’ve come up with a few tips for the working or non-working mom who wants a relaxed life.

Tips on organising your child’s belongings

1. Books
It’s great that your children read actual books. But books and bookshelves take up space and need to be regularly arranged. If there are certain books that your child has outgrown consider passing them on to a library or donating them. You can also let your children sign up for a library instead of buying and hoarding little children’s books that they will outgrow soon.

2. Stuffed Toys and Plushies
These are not only strewn everywhere in the house, but you’ll find it in the dog’s mouth too for some reason. Also if your children have allergies, stuffed toys get dusty and dirty. It can cause some serious problems, but there is an easy way to take care of this. If you already have a lot of stuffed toys, ask your children if they would like to donate some. Most of the children would agree to this. But in case this doesn’t work you can start by hiding away some stuffed plushies. If they don’t ask for it, give them away or throw them out. However, if your child already doesn’t have a collection, you can always enforce some rules. Make up a rule about only two big plushies or four small plushies in the house. If they buy a new one, an old one has to go.

3. Toys
Today a single toy is not a single piece. Each toy seems to have an assortment of other small things attached to it. These are a dangerous choking hazard for your children or dogs. Legos have many tiny pieces. Once your child starts playing with Legos, they just spread them all over the house, just like Barbie has an assortment of clothes, shoes, and hairbrushes. All these tiny stuff can efficiently be organised in a Tupperware box. If possible, find a box with an attached lid to make sure you don’t lose the lid or the toys. Children might get bored with toys quickly. So instead of buying them new ones keep their old ones in rotation. Divide their toys into different boxes and rotate the sets now and then. This way the child gets to play with something different every time without you having to buy more. Also if your child is old enough, ask them to clean it up. Make fun games out of cleaning up. It’s funny how competitive kids can get so use a good-natured sibling competition to clear up the house fast.

To avoid more toys than the ones your child already has ask relatives not to gift them. Instead, ask them to give one huge gift or tickets to parks and museums instead. Ask them to gift your child in memories instead of material. They’ll all love that idea too.