How to make your morning routine simpler – some easy tips

‘Time management’ – Is this something which makes you anxious every morning, because you need to rush through things?

Morning stress is quite frequent because everyone is trying to get ready at around the same time, to be at a specific place and at a particular time.

Wouldn’t it be nice, if there was no stress?

To make things a bit simpler and your morning routine a little easier, here are some quick 12 tips for you.

1. Be a bit organised
Get up at least 15 minutes earlier than your kids. Your day will be planned well.

2. Set the alarm for the Kids
Is it difficult to wake the kids? Why not set an alarm which plays a cool song. If they can get out of bed themselves, it helps in building a sense of independence in them.

3. Organise the Previous Night
Prepare the lunches, keep your bags packed and do all the tasks the night before. It will save your time.

4. No yelling
To get things done quickly, stop yelling. Yelling is often known to have just the opposite effect and tends to delay things.

5. Do Not Expect Too Much
Never overload your children with tasks. Let them complete their chores one by one. Expecting too much too soon can be dangerous.

6. Reduce the Breakfast Options
Either reduce the available options for breakfast or have your options worked out well in advance. It will save all confusions and indecisions since you have arranged in advance.

7. Do not Get Dressed Too Soon
Put on the uniform only after your kids have completed their breakfast. Thus, you will be able to avoid spilling food on clothes and again spending the time to change. This causes time wastage and needs to be avoided.

8. Ask the Kids to Clean-Up
Why not ask the kids to clean up the table or carry their breakfast plates to the sink? They can also rinse their bowls and plates. Thus, in the evening you do not have to tackle hardened cheese or anything else.

9. Do Not Turn On the TV
Never turn the TV on for kids who are ready earlier. Instead, they can read a book or colour. Watching TV is in no way beneficial early in the morning.

10. Leave Home Early
Why not set the alarm 15 minutes early before you need to leave. This is an excellent way to manage time and never be late for work.

11. Leave on Time
It is important always to go home on time. Everyone should be sent to the car in the current state, even if it is messy. This might motivate them to be on time the next day.

12. Prepare a Checklist
Keep a handy checklist for each child. Thus, you do not have to be reminded every time about doing something or about missing out something.

Just follow the above tips and your morning routine will be calm.