How to make real friends

As we meet someone, we actually do not know, if the person is going to become a good friend or not. Thus, it is important to be a bit cautious in the beginning.

What is friendship?

It is quite like planting a seed which you have found. You do not actually know what it is going to come up. Thus, you need to just keep a close watch and nurture it. Perhaps, it will not grow, or maybe it will grow into a sick plant, or if all conditions are fine and you look after it really well, it will be a strong and flourishing plant.

So, how is friendship related? How can you let your friendship grow? Here are some things which can be done.
– Simply hang out with people you like, or perhaps you wish to make friends with.
– You can join in their plans if you agree.
– In case you do not like their plans, you can politely tell them.

Having an opinion is important but remember that you do not need to have an opinion on almost anything. You have to be a good listener and show great interest in whatever your friends are saying. You can ask your friends about themselves.

Safe Thoughts
A good way to know about people is by sharing safe thoughts. But what is a ‘safe thought’? This can be anything related to a TV or school or about your sports. It is actually quite not safe to tell others, that you do not know some personal things about them. Do not forget to ask them about their life or simply engage them to talk.

It is good to send positive vibes and talk about good things in life. Actually, people do not like to hear about problems of your life.

Need To Be Prepared – If you are trying to make friends, you need to be always prepared. Here are some things which you need to do:
– Keep a watch for people who are popular.
– You need to see what they are doing.
– You can find out more about the interests of people; know about what they are sharing or anything else.
– You can find out more about groups, music, chess, clubs or whatever is happening in school. If you find any group interesting, you can definitely talk about them.
– Also, you need to be aware of is what others are doing which includes bowling, shooting goals, reading, watching television and more.

How To Make Friends
Well, there are no fixed plans about how to make friends. You do not have to practice the skills of making friends as well. It is all easy and simple. You can simply hang around, catch the attention of someone in the group and start talking. You need to listen to the conversation which is going on, and if you are able to, you should contribute to it.

No matter how tough it seems, you should never give up trying to make friends. Keep smiling and be a friendly person.