How to help your child enjoy mathematics?

You may have often heard people complaining about how they are bad in maths, how they hate numbers and calculations. This is a common scenario and it is mostly because they weren’t taught to love maths from the young age.

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Do you want your kids to be one of them who hate mathematics? If no, you need to work out the problem. People love writing and reading but hate the numbers. Maths, however, is one of the most realistic parts of our daily life.

If there is any language that is common globally, it has to be maths. Maths can play an essential role in improving life skills and therefore helps in solving some of the most significant problems in life. Since maths is such a critical part of our daily life, we should work towards mastering it. Moreover, if you begin learning maths from a young age, it can be entertaining. You cannot redo it, but you can do it through your child.

Here are some steps/tips that may help you master the when act:

Play number games

Maths can be an entertaining game if you use it the right way. Playing number games or games involving maths can help in enhancing the logical thought. There are certain games like chess, draughts, Monopoly and Rummikub that you should try. Not only will you get to spend quality time with your kids, but at the same time will be able to teach them. You can also teach maths to your kids through the card game.

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Games and Apps

In our generation, we have the whole technology playing the game and everything is right there with us. With so many apps increasing in popularity, various educational firms and so are bringing up maths related games and apps. This can be one exciting app to keep your child engaged in learning. One good thing is that most of these apps are free.

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Keep aside your negativity

If you are wrong in maths, do not let the child know. This may have an impact on the child. Brush off all your negativity for benefits.

Don’t pass on the insecurities. It is okay if you do not excel in Maths. You have passed your phase. But continuously blabbering about how much you hate digits, how poor you have scored in maths, will have a negative impact on your child. They will think that maths isn’t a good subject and eventually grow to hate. Instead of doing good, you are passing negativity into the child which you should never. If your child has been doing good in maths, appreciate them for it.

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Before you carry on, look what your child has to say about the problem. Most of the times, these kids tend to lose hope on what they are working. They have a tough time solving the problems and therefore come up with such tensed looks. In situations like these, you should boost up the confidence of your child. You can’t choose to be a little rude if you want the kid to begin with the overall performance and improve.

Mother and son are doing the math.

Learn while you bake

Baking is fun and so can be learned if these two aspects are combined. This is helpful for learning maths. In the case of baking, maths is essential since you need to be working with numbers to know the measurement. Therefore, baking can be a fun educational game. You can quote a number to the child and ask them to put that up for the serving. Whatever they put in, they get the result accordingly. Eventually, they get to learn and improve the next time.

A happy loving family are preparing a bakery together. Mother and child daughter girl are cooking cookies and having fun in the kitchen. Homemade food and little helper.

Step back

This can be one of the most difficult steps to do. Initially, you may feel like diving in and helping your child to get over the problem. But that may not have any positive impact on your child but lead to the negative ones only. If you want your child to prosper, it is your responsibility to let the kid find the solution to the problem on his own.

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Shopping and learning

Involving children in your weekly shopping can be fun. You can ask them for some help on the price calculation part. Involving them and asking them to calculate will be beneficial for you and the child. They will get to learn about numbers, calculations and eventually bring about estimations.

Family shopping. Mother and her daughter are holding a grocery shopping bag with vegetables.

Take them to competition

There are several mathematics competitions held each year, and you can take your kids to participate in it. You can ask the other kids to form a group and enter this competition. These will help them to have an idea of how smart they are. These competitions are usually divided by age and you can enrol your kids in it accordingly.

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Try different solutions

There is entirely no necessity of sticking to only one way of solving the problem. If you have found out one way that did not work, you can try different ways too. Some way or the other you will eventually find the right solution to the problem.

Boosting the confidence of your child is extremely necessary and helping them mathematics can have a positive impact on their educational background too. Make sure to help them and motivate them to try out, make mistakes and then excel in mathematics.

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