How To Get Back To Feeling Yourself After Having A Baby

Happy mother with a baby in the room

Most people feel that once they have a baby their life changes completely. The babies are no less than a gift that has the smell it biscuits and are incredibly adorable. But, once the baby comes in your life, everything just moved around, and you eventually turn to have a busy life from a normal one. Moreover, it takes years to get back into the normal state after having the baby.

You have to begin with taking up so many roles which are extremely tiring such as pressure during birth, increase in household chores, parental anxiety, too much of stress, a shift in lifestyle. All these tend to have an impact on your personality.

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Your body shape changes and you cannot fit in your older clothes. There are so many changes that you cannot be the older you. It feels as if the old you is there in you, but you don’t know how to seek it.

Such feelings are normal, but you may eventually find people trying to convince that things can get to normal even while having a child. But those are nothing less than false hopes.

There are certain ways through which you can find the older you again, and relive those beautiful days.

Stop feeling guilty

Most people feel guilty of not being able to be themselves once they have a baby. But such guilt is of no use. Initially, you may feel happy after having a baby, but after some time,  that comfortable feeling turns into guilt.

You have to choose between your work and your baby which becomes extremely tiring if you are a working mother. However, it may also turn out that your baby becomes like your job responsibility.
You should, however, keep a check om the nutritional content of the baby. If your spouse becomes panicky, you can eventually turn out to be feeling guilty. It is alright if you cannot meet up your responsibility as a mother.

Young mother with toddler child working at the computer, talking on the phone at home.

If you feel extreme stress on you, it is better to take a break for a while and hand out your baby to someone you can rely on. Make sure to involve your partner in taking care of the baby. This is because it can be beneficial for the family and help you move on from the guilty feeling.


After you give birth, the shape of your body changes. Therefore, to get back to your body in shape, you need to work on it.

Most of the mothers gain weight and have a tough time fitting in their old clothes. This becomes extremely tiring for your wardrobe, but is equally harsh on your body. Even if you loved dressing up and enjoying yourself, you would have a tough time getting back to shape. Moreover, this gain in weight becomes more if you have given birth more than once.

There is no necessity to overspend time in the gym. You can choose to begin with some mild exercise from your home. Begin with running around the park and give you some time. Eventually, you will lose your body weight and won’t have any significant problems. It is extremely cost-effective and the endorphins can be helpful for the body.

Group of young mothers and their babies doing yoga exercises on rugs at the fitness studio.

You can join some of the fitness activities and fitness running clubs. There may be several such clubs around you, so, you can check them.

Apart from that, yoga can have a positive impact on your body. Most of the mothers join a yoga class to restore their body. Continuous regulated breathing helps to stay stress free and even makes the body flexible. You can also do some simple yoga steps at your home for better advantages.


When you begin with your work, you will have many organisations that will help you stay updated and things that charm you up about your youthful days.

There may be several organizations around you, that you can join to stay updated. These organisations organize timely events, where they invite motivational speakers. These people talk about their experiences from the different industries and discuss their journeys. You should make sure to listen to such people to gain motivation for yourself.

Happy womens standing and holding hands in a bright office.

These events are attended by several people like you, who are looking forward to developing a career. You can choose to begin the cycle again, interact with such people and eventually build your career in a specific field. It can be anything, as long as you enjoy it.

Go out on dates

Once you have a baby, you may feel the idea of dates to be absurd, but it can play an essential role in your life. You can choose to go out on the date with your close ones. Go out for a movie or dinner. You can ask someone reliable to babysit your child. Apart from that, you can also choose to babysit others and have a date with your kids.

Happy couple with smoothie at a cafe

Make sure to fit in your old clothes and set out to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Get to relive the magic of love all over again and understand how much you are still in love with them, once again.


If you want to get involved in greater things, you can choose to read and learn. There are several books, and you can read from a wide range of themes. You can consider visiting libraries to find the best book for you and learn from various good books.

Mother with child in stroller reading book at the park
Happy mother with the child in stroller reading book at summer park

Several cities have book clubs and if your city has one, make sure to join them.  When you join these book clubs, you get the opportunity to meet new people and interact. You can indulge in conversation and discuss different books.

If you want to redefine yourself, you can read one chapter each night. Such book clubs encourage you to have an opinion and develop the different vocabulary skills within you.

Begin with knowing your city

You need to know where you can find something relaxing. There are several places in your city, that can be an absolute treat to your mind. Many people begin with different things such as though, culture, art, and music. You can indulge yourself in such situations. There are various websites offering newsletters. Subscribe to one of these to stay updated about the events happening around you. There may be several events about exhibitions, hooks and more. You can take a ride to such places and have a relaxing time for your own self.

Spend time with friends

Female friends are your biggest stress. You should get along with your friends as they will help to uplift your soul. They will spend most of their time and you can enjoy cooking, drinking and eating together. A circle of female friends can be helpful for your mental and emotional health. They will help you in becoming strong.

Friends with toddlers playing on the floor in the room

Make sure to plan out a weekend with them and delete all the toxic people from your life. Developing healthy relationships with people is essential.

Listen to podcasts

Podcasts may appear to be overrated for many, but you do not want to be one of them. You should listen to the podcasts of people in a subject you are interested in. If you have a personal favorite, you can try them.

A podcast helps you stay a little disconnected from things. You get to earn knowledge about new things. All you need to do is put in your earphones, begin the podcast and roam around listening to words. Usually, the podcasts are pretty exciting and have similar, relevant content.

Beautiful girl listening podcasts on the phone

Various YouTube channels upload podcasts. If you have a personal favorite, you can follow their podcasts. The essential aspect is that you can keep a check on their social media accounts where they keep on updating their podcasts. So, you can follow the link and keep a test accordingly.

Maintain the intimacy

Nothing is more depressing than no time with your partner. After having a kid, most of the couple feel that the spark in their relationship is eventually dead.

You can try to have some intimate moments with your partner if you want to maintain the spark in your relationship for a long time. A little bit of cuddling and passionate kissing does not harm your relationship. It is actually beneficial for the skin. Most of the mothers lose the charm of their skin post pregnancy, a little bit of intimacy can help to resolve the charm of your skin.

Portrait of young attractive loving couple in the bedroom

The kids can turn you and your partner into normal flatmates. You should not limit your relationship to this extent itself. You should look forward to maintaining your relationship’s spark. At this point, you will realize that there is so much to your relationship. Marital magic will play its parts.

When you wake up the next day, you will feel a little good about yourself. You will get the old feeling of being touched and loved in a good way. Intimacy can do wonders for fostering the relationship with your partner once again.

Take some time for yourself

You can never grow if you don’t realise the importance of self-love. After giving birth, you may feel drooping, irritated, tired all the time but it is necessary to give a boost to your confidence. You can choose to join different classes for drawing, painting. You can go out on weekends, have some time for yourself, begin a blog, walk. Make sure to do everything that is beneficial for your mental health.

Just because you have become a mother, it does not mean that you cannot try new things. There is always so much of time for self-love, and you can do it. Go for it.

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