How to cope with teeth problems

When you eat healthy foods, drink an adequate amount of plain drinking water and have a good habit of brushing your teeth properly twice a day, there is a little chance of teeth problem. Teeth problem generally occurs when you do not eat healthy food, do not brush your teeth properly and become addicted to sticky sweet food. Prompt care is needed when you experience tooth decay.

How Does Teeth Decay?
Teeth decay occur when germs in our mouth start to accumulate in a thin layer of a compound which is known as dental plaque. These bacteria make acid by using foods we eat especially that sugary food. Apart from that, fizzy drinks, a few citrus fruits, lollies, etc. are acidic. The acid attacks and damages the enamel and dentine – two outer layers of the teeth. Gradually a hole appears on teeth which we call tooth decay. Tooth decay is accompanied by a maximum toothache time. You may have broken tooth, and there is a great chance of dental nerve damage. Swelling of the face, fever, etc. are other symptoms of teeth decay.

Visit a Dentist Early
Frequent visits to a dentist are necessary to keep the dental problem at bay. In South Australia, the School dental service provides dental care to students up to eighteen years of age. Dental care is free for preschool children if their parents have a Health Care Card. People, who do not have health cards, have to pay. In this health system, you get service from a team that includes a dentist, a dental therapist, and dental assistant. A dentist checks your teeth, clean cavity, do the operation and take out bad teeth. A dental therapist does a thorough checkup inside your mouth and advises you on how to take care of teeth. A dental assistant assists these two people.

Extra Care Always Helps
When you wear the braces to correct the shape of your teeth, you should take extra care of your teeth in the time of brushing or cleaning your mouth. Protect your teeth from damage while playing basketball, soccer, hockey, scatting, etc. Wear a mouth guard under the guidance of a dental specialist or buy it ready made from a chemist.

In spite of taking so much care, if your teeth get damaged, immediately visit a dentist and allow him to check what damage has happened. If the teeth are broken, pick up the broken part and do not touch the root. If the teeth are dirty, clean it either with milk or with saline water. If it is baby teeth, you do not have to worry much because the teeth will grow up again. But if the teeth are not milk teeth consult your dentist. If bleeding occurs, just hold your tongue or lips on that injury to stop bleeding.

Children do not be afraid of going to a dentist while filling up your tooth. The doctor will do local anesthesia first and then will do the necessary surgery so that you will not sense the pain. But always maintain good hygiene to avoid the tooth related problem.