How to Buy the right school shoes for your child

It is never easy to buy the right school shoes. Selecting the right style and fit can be quite a stressful job. As your child reaches the age of 12, h/she has already arrived at least 90% of the adult length. Thus, the first 12 years are quite crucial for the development of feet. It is essential that your child wears the shoes which fit well. Wearing shoes which are of the wrong size or style, can lead to numerous foot problems. It can even last for a lifetime.

Here are some quick tips to buy the right shoes for your little one!

1. Consider The School Dress Code:
Before you start to even look for the shoes, check the dress code of the shoes at your school. It is important to know the kind of shoes which are accepted, the colour of choice and also if more than one pair is needed.

2. Know The Right Style:
It is essential to understand the style of shoes which is the most suitable. Black, leather or sturdy looking shoes might not always be comfortable. In case the dress code entails black and leather, you should ideally opt for light-weight shoes, which have a flexible design. Selecting high heels isn’t always recommended because it can lead to tripping hazard. If you choose heels, it shouldn’t be more than 2 cm in height. It is recommended to select athletic styled shoes which are entirely natural and light, which means greater comfort.

You have the option of selecting Velcro shoes, buckled shoes or even lace-up shoes. Buckles or Velcro usually work fine. However, if you choose lace-up shoes, you need to teach your child to tie-up shoe-laces.


3. Selecting The Right Size:
You need to choose shoes of the right size so that the shoes fit your child well.  It is never recommended to buy expensive shoes if they do not offer the proper support. School shoes should be snug enough so that there is no slipping off the foot. It should, however, be loose enough also, so that unrestricted movement is allowed. Shoes need to be flexible enough for the comfort of the ball of the foot. However, you need to check that there is no twisting or bending through the arch area. It is recommended to buy shock absorbing midsole which offers excellent support.

You can also get help from a professional fitter. In case you buy shoes which are quite big, it can cause clumsiness and lead to injury. Your child might even fall over or even roll the ankle.

4. Buy At The Right Time:
If you need to buy shoes, the best time is probably early January. You might wait for the last minute because children tend to grow out their shoes before school starts. But, you might not get the right size shoe if it is too late. Try and avoid the last minute rush so that you can avoid disappointments.

5. Remember The Tips and Hints:
Stay away from shoes which have synthetic material because they will make the environment moist. It becomes the breathing ground for bacteria.

Select the right shoes and offer all the support needed for your child.