How to behave with siblings

Some people are very lucky to have a brother or sister of his or her own. Your sibling is someone who belongs to you and with whom you can share sweet memories. Not only that, your sibling is the person who can stand by you when you are in crisis. However, everyone does not think in this way and having a sibling always is not a fortunate matter at all to them. They fight, quarrel and argue with each other continuously and make a bitter relation.

You may feel that your parents love your brother or sister more. You may suffer from an inferiority complex if your siblings become better in academics, games and in other things. You may have a problem with sharing your rooms with your sibling. Do not be morose. Talk calmly to your parents. They will guide you. Learn to communicate, respect your siblings and learn to negotiate. Three key words of maintaining a good relationship with siblings are communication, respect and negotiation.

Communication Is Quite Important
Talk to each other a lot and clear the confusion through talk. Involve your mum and dad in this matter. Give other person chance to talk and listen while he or she is talking. Discuss everything in a family meeting calmly and peacefully. School notices, homework and invitations should be put on the family calendar so that everyone becomes aware of what is happening around them and when. Write notes and send messages to each other when someone is absent and make other aware of what is happening. Use, the Television, record, computer, etc. in a friendly manner and share it with your siblings. Parents distribute the work among your children to maintain peace at your home. Mum and Dad, please try to spend special time with your children. Children need to be alone with their parents.

Respect Is Needed
If you want to get back respect, you have to show respect to others at first. Talk nicely to others. Maintain manners, do not use rough language, help each other, respect other’s privacy. Do not poke your nose in other’s matter unless your sibling wants your help. Respect each other’s belongings and take permission before touching other’s belongings. Never expose the secrets of your siblings to others unless the secret becomes harmful. And never bully your siblings younger than you.

Negotiation Is Helpful
This skill is very difficult to learn. This is a practice. Everyone has a specific right in the family. Know that and maintain that. As an elder sibling show your fairness while distributing works among siblings. Do not overstuff your younger siblings with loads of works. Do that which is good for all.

If you take responsibility, fulfill that. If you feel a little bit puzzles and confused take the advice of your mum and dad. Discuss your problem in the family meeting like dinner. Do not underestimate the decision of your younger brother and sister. Be selfless and work together. Cooperate with your parents and siblings. This makes your home a true sweet home.