How to be an active family – 5 easy steps

These days parents find it quite necessary to ensure that their kids are active; For this, they feel they might need to invest a lot of money or that they need to be active themselves. However, this isn’t true. If your kid is already involved in a number of extra-curricular activities, you need to think about keeping them active on the days, when they do not play anything. You need to manage your life, carry out your daily actions and have your kids involved in different activities. It will keep them away from an inactive lifestyle.

All you need to do is get your kids started with different activities. If you get them involved in the right activities, your kids will be able to entertain themselves and in a way achieve a healthy life. So, here are a few activities which will help:

1. Balloon Tennis: This is quite like the regular tennis which is played. The players usually hit a balloon which is to and fro the net. The primary purpose is to have the balloon in the air and preventing it from touching the ground. In case the balloon touches the ground, the players on the other section of the net gets to score a point. This offers excellent flexibility and good movement of the body.

2. Book Balancing on Head: This game can be played indoors. The player needs to walk to a point, move around and then again get back to the starting, all the while having a book on the head. In case the book falls, the game must stop, and the book needs to be placed on the head. Usually, two or four people race against one another. Kids can activate their core muscles.

3. Hide an Item or Ball: This game can be easily played anywhere. For this game, there is a need to have a time limit for finding an item. This time limit is usually based on the number of players and the size of a house. The trick is to make things complicated so that kids have a tough time finding the item. Adding a time limit makes the game quite challenging.

4. Frisbee Competition: The primary objective of the game, is to get the word donkey or ‘frisbee’.If you wish to play the game, you need a lot of space. So, if you have a local park nearby, make the most of it. The main objective of this game is not dropping the Frisbee or to make different players drop it. As the frisbee is dropped, the player receives a letter ‘D’ like in Donkey. Thus, every time the frisbee is dropped, the player gets a letter. The player who gets the whole word Frisbee or Donkey is known to lose the game.

5. Getting Stretchy: The game is to think about at least 4-5 animals so that kids can identify and find the stretching position, which will match the animals! One calls out ‘let’s stretch like a cat’ or something similar. You can have the kids select the next animal and so on.

This is going to help your kid in being active.