How do you feel being younger brother and sister

You may be old today, but you will be younger or smaller than your older brother all through your life. Once you are a young – you are always treated as a young person. Some common complaints that come from younger siblings are – older siblings always dominate them, they hardly get new toys and clothing and have to remain content with the older stuff of their older siblings. Moreover, older siblings are allowed to go to bed later. They get more privilege in everything and boss younger siblings.

The survey shows that there is a mixed feeling among children being a younger child. If you feel that you are not getting adequate attention and privilege, talk to your parents and older siblings and try to solve your confusion. Like everything it also has advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Being Younger Sibling:
Some people think themselves lucky being the younger sibling. According to them –
1. They get love and attention not only from their parents but also from their older siblings.
2. They get lots of toys, play stuff and books from their parents as well as their older brothers or sisters.
3. You have more experienced parents.
4. You can get help and support from your big brothers and sisters.
5. Get help from older siblings to do home work, to practice game and to find information on the internet.
6. Play stuff and toys are handed down from older sibling to younger siblings.
7. Being the baby of the house, you get more attention from everyone even from your older siblings.
8. Your big brother and big sister can drive you to your places.
9. You can borrow money from your older siblings when you finish yours.
10. If you are a younger sister, then you will feel lucky if you have an older sister at home. This is because she may plait your hair and may give you her clothes that suit your size.

Disadvantages of Being Younger Sibling:
But, like everything, some disadvantages are being the younger child of the family.
1. You have to depend too much on your older siblings.
2. Your big brother or sister may be too bossy and keep instructing you always.
3. You have to use older stuff of your older siblings.
4. Your parents may show their dependency on your older siblings, and you feel jealous.
5. Older siblings get more privilege and more things.
6. Older brothers and Sisters have permission to go to bed late at night.
7. They are allowed to spend the night at a friend’s places or somewhere, and you are not.
8. They are allowed to drive.
9. They are allowed to watch a movie, read books and play games those are designed for older people. You have to wait a few years to get that permission.
10. Older brothers may bully you and tease you for not being so smart up to their standard.
11. Your physical strength is lesser than that of your older siblings. For this reason, you get hurt easily when you fight with them.