How do you feel being the oldest sibling?

If you are the first born of your parents, you may be lucky to have undivided attention and love from your parents, grandparents, and other family members of your family. Your family members gladly remain ready for you all the time when you remain to their only darling. But things suddenly changed when your baby brother or sister comes to this world, and you have to share the undivided attention of your parents and other family members that was up to you so far, with that little person. It may be a shocking experience. If you think that you are not getting adequate attention and privileges discuss it with your parents. They may help you to solve the problem. But, not all the oldest sibling thinks in the same way. There is a mixed feeling among them.

Advantages of Being the Oldest Sibling:
You may feel lucky that you have a living doll at your home. Many older siblings want a younger sibling of their own. According to them
1. It is an excellent feeling to be a big brother or sister.
2. You can play with your younger siblings.
3. Your friend will want to play with your baby brother and sister and to have them they may request you. You suddenly come into the limelight.
4. You get someone to talk with at your home.
5. You become an important person in your younger sibling’s life.
6. It is expected that your brother and sister will be at your side the rest of the life.
7. You can give those lovely clothes and toys to your younger siblings that you used to use them in your childhood.
8. You get more privileges than your younger siblings like you are getting more pocket money than that of your younger siblings.
9. You are allowed to spend nights outside whereas your younger siblings are not allowed to do that.
10. You can teach your sibling everything that you know.
11. You get driving permission before your younger siblings get.
12. You get more new things than them.
13. Your parent may give more importance to your decision.

Disadvantages of Being Older Sibling:
Some people think that it is the worst thing to have a younger brother and sister at your home. According to them –
1. The oldest sibling does not remain special anymore.
2. Being the youngest at home, your baby brother and sister gets maximum attention.
3. Your parents may have no time for you.
4. Your parents may expect more maturity from you.
5. You have to share your clothes and toys with younger siblings.
6. You have to look after your younger siblings when your mum is not at home, and you do not like that.
7. You have to share the Television and computer with them.
8. When you both fight, being oldest, you get into the trouble, mum and dad will scold you even when the little one has started it.
9. Like everything, you may have to share your room with your little brother and sisters.