How Do You Feel Being The Middle Child?

A large group of children and two adults.

When a family has more than two children, someone becomes the middle child. How do you feel to be a middle child? One day you were the younger child but, after your new brother or sister come, you suddenly go to the position of ‘middle’.

You never got the undivided attention of your parents like your big brother or sister. You had to share that with your older sibling. Now also after ‘losing’ the younger position you have to share undivided care of your parents with your younger siblings. It may be a shocking experience.

You were enjoying the love and care of your mum, dad, and even of your older sibling. Suddenly you discover yourself out of the throne. For this reason, most of the middle children become a loner. The different survey has shown that middle children are very independent by nature, they are very creative and artistic, and they become peacemakers always in the family when there is a confrontation among siblings.

Advantages of Being the Middle Child

Some middle children feel lucky that they have both older sibling and younger sibling. According to them:
1. It is an excellent feeling to have a big brother or sister.
2. Being middle, you can play with your younger sibling.
3. You can borrow the clothes of your big brother or sister.
4. Unlike your younger brother, you can enjoy your privacy by getting a lock on the door of your room which is supposed to keep your baby brother out so that he cannot hurt himself.
5. You can go to a friend’s place and spend time there where your baby brother is not allowed to do that.
6. You do not have to take as much responsibility as your big brother or sister has to take.
7. You can ride your bike when your parent or big brothers are not with you, but your younger brother is not allowed to do so.
8. You can teach your younger siblings what you know more. Thus, you can conquer their admiration.

Three happy children with balloons runing on the beach at the day time. Concept of happy friendly family.

The disadvantage of being the Middle Child:

Some middle children think that they are not so special to their parents like their other siblings because they are not the oldest or the youngest. According to them
1. They feel they are left out. They may feel that their older and younger siblings are getting all the attention and they are missing it. For this reason, they sometimes behave badly to get more attention.
2. They feel invisible sometimes.
3. The oldest sibling gets the maximum things because he is so big and he needs it whereas you may sacrifice your part on behalf of the youngest sibling because he is such a cute baby.
4. When your small brothers and sisters come, you do not remain special anymore to your mum and dad.
5. Your parents may expect more maturity from you.
6. Being middle, you may have to tackle your younger siblings because you are near to their age.
7. Your oldest sibling may think of himself as the boss of the family.

If you think yourself an underprivileged middle person, do not forget to consult with your parents or caregivers.